Sunday, 16 December 2007


Hi All

Have been really busy working, so no entry sorry.

Been out in my dress and it went well even if I was about 1 foot taller than most people who work with Julian. Didnt trip over in my high(ish) heels . Food was Ok, there was a cocktail bar, casino massive chocolate fountain, photographer and magician. We tripped out at about 11pm and headed off down the road a couple of mile to my work party which was in full swing! There were several people slightly worse for wear to put it politely, I was a tad overdressed but hey! One of the receptionists was extremely drunk and proceeded to tell one of the drs all her grudges over and over and over again!

The christmas rush at work has not got any better! I have got to work until 4pm Christmas eve but I dont really mind. We will have the secret santa in the morning which is always great fun! Speaking of which my present I have ordered has not come the firm are resending it so fingers crossed it will arrive or I shall have to make a last minute trip out. I have done loads of internet shopping this year and it has been a bit of a disaster. Lots of thing are still to arrive , somethings are wrong and most annoyingly I have waited in twice for a delivery that has twice been forgotten to be put on the van! That firm are in for a piece of my mind on Monday!

Last night we had a dinner party and I am feeling slightly jaded ( a bit hungover really!). It all went well we had a good laugh and everyone liked my cooking. We had salmon rilette to start, then boozy beef , cruncy roast potatos and veg then Key lime pie. I love cooking but find it never racking deciding what to cook and worrying what it will turn out like.

Anyway I am off for a cup of tea and an ibuprofen!

Louise xxx