Saturday, 30 June 2007


Hi All

Sorry for lack of entry, I sure you have all missed the latest installments of my exciting life.

Have felt ill for over a week now with some "virus", last weekend I lost my voice totally and have had the worst sore throat ever, now I have an irritating cough which makes me choke...too much info I know! Also I could sleep for England.

Rory has done half of his Pass Plus driving exam today which entailed driving down to the M25, I have panic attacks thinking about that road! Anyway he passed that so hes pretty pleased.

I think I told mentioned my Mums best friend who was ill, sadly she passed away so we have had her funeral etc to attend to, my Mum is pretty down at the moment so we are taking her away in August on a mini cruise to Holland and Belgium...all inclusive so I had better so on a radical diet before that! Both boys are coming too and we are really looking forward to it.

Last night we had a team building game of rounders at one of my bosses house, luckily the rain stopped for the evening and we had great fun and lots of nice food.Our team lost!

Boys went to see Rise of the Silver Surfer which Harry loved and he was so chuffed that hes got a big brother to drive him to the cinema now!

Husband is moaning about the smoking ban thinks the next step is rounding smokers up and putting them in concentration camps! I think its a good idea personally but I can see his point too.

Well have a good weekend hope it stays at least a bit dry for you

Love Louise xx

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Hi All

Been for several drives with son, so nerves are shattered lol. No hes being very cautious thank goodness. Still I am making him give me 3 rings when he goes anywhere a la Peter Kay!

I know I said I wasnt going to moan about work work again but it is very difficult at the moment for one reason or another, still I have had day off today which was nice. I got Julian a big collage of our holiday pictures for fathers day but I cant get a frame to fit it! Typical. He was really pleased with it anyway.

I will tell you of a funny thing at work elderly man (could have come from the set of Deliverance) came in to collect a prescription for his wife. My work colleague A couldnt find anything so she asked him what he was expecting..."Something to shove up her F****!!! So ladies never send a man to collect anything for you, the people in the queue behind got a good laugh anyway, as we did!

Well I am off to finish my shepherd pie, hope to are all OK   Love Louise xx

Thursday, 14 June 2007

On the road

Hi All

Just want to say a BIG congratulations to my eldest baby who passed his driving test today 1st time!

Just got to get his car insured you know it costs DOUBLE to insure a boy rather than a girl!

Anyway thats all!   Louise

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Back to normal

Hi All

Well back to reality, school,work and washing!

Work is busy as we are short staffed so thats quite stressful am having to do 32 hours overtime up to the end of the month which I could do without.

The dogs are being perfectly behaved since their trip to the dog sitters....we think Jackson may be drugged lol. On his 2nd day with her whilst out for a walk he ran off to chase a rabbit and didnt come back. The lady waited and waited and decided to back to her house to phone the police and what do you know....there was Jackson in the back garden sitting at the door. Clever or what!! He didnt do it again anyway.

Not much else to say, I dont know if an alert went out for my photo entry but its there if anyone wants to be bored by my holiday snaps Harry took them to school on a memory stick and showed his class in assembly.

Take care all    Louise xx

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Blimey what a as promised I hope  ....just picked out a few....hope youlike them    Louise x



Well I am back and a fantastic time was had by all. The sun shone from the moment we got off the ferry until the drive home! The crossing was smooth and apart from a couple of minor map reading glitches from yours truly (lol) we found the site quite easily. It was much better than I had hoped for. The chalet was great and had everything we needed and the pool was fantastic, in fact we only left the site twice to get a bit of shopping! I am missing cycling already so I will have to pump up my tires!! There were very few other English people on site which was not a problem and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Harry did......outdoor climbing, scuba diving, zip wire, magnetic climbing and wild water rafting. We all canoed. Julian has taken some great pictures and I will try to upload them later. We had ducks in the garden and two turtles we called Michael Angelo and Leonardo after the Mutant Turtles! Harry also sat in an Aston Martin car which was the highlight of his holiday and he thinks hes a bit of a James Bond!

The trip to Germany went OK too and Julians daughters graduation party went well. Then it was back home to cloudy weather and 4 loads of washing! It was nice to see Rory and the dogs ( who behaved impecably at the dog sitters would you believe!), Rory has brought himself a car in our absence, a little Saxo so he now just has to pass his test which is coming up very soon, I wont jinx it by saying when.

Anyway am now off to make Harry a banana split. Will get photos on ASAP and bore you all with them! 

Hope you are all ok     Love Louise xx