Friday, 30 March 2007

day off

Hi All

Day off today and can't  decide what to do! Housework or shopping???Maybe both I think.

Will explain the last piccies. They were taken last summer in Spain and my in-laws house, not our pool I'm afraid. It was a bitter sweet holiday as my MIL was ill with cancer so most of the family went over to see her, I think she enjoyed seeing her grandchildren who had many a fun day of water volleyball in the pool. Sadly she died in  November, she deteriorated very quickly and was too ill to travel back over here. FIL is still over there , but I think he will come back shortly as I feel he is quite lonely over there and I think he worries about getting ill over there too. Spanish healthcare and hospitals are not the same as here to say the least. Their house is between Valencia and Alicante in a small village, which is lovely but quite isolated.

Well will walk the dogs then decide on my plan of action for the day.

Louise xx


Wednesday, 28 March 2007



Thought I would add some other pictures to frighten everyone! Just noticed there is no pictures of No 1 Son, will have to rectify that.

Yesterday I got my car back...hooray. We drove 20 ish miles to get it got nearly home when I realised I had left the shopping in the boot of the hire car...much to husbands annoyance, so back we drove to pick it up drove back again , unloaded the shopping when husband realised he had left the front door key with the hire car keys..Oh how I laughed!!! It could only happen to us.

Nothing much else exciting is happening in sunny Suffolk and I don't even know what I am cooking for tea .

Went to see Meet the Robinsons with Harry on Sunday (which was quite good, we both enjoyed it) . At 10pm Saturday night Husband announced he had invited people for Sunday Lunch (5 in fact) . Oh dear that will make him pay attention to what I am doing in future, as I had booked our cinema tickets, he had to cook it all himself!! I did make tthe gravy and the Yorkshires for him. Very nice it was to but I think it wore him out for the rest of the week!

Anyway enjoy your week all.

Love Louise

Saturday, 24 March 2007


Hi All

Firstly I must apologise for the cockeyed way I put those photos in!

All is good here, Harry is playing with a friend and Rory is chatting to his mates online, dear husband is down the pub!!!

Went back to work for 2 mornings and all was good. I do get these moments of real tiredness come over me ....not quite sure what that is all about.

Last night I went to a jewellry party at a friends house which was good, nice to see friends... catch up... try on loads of necklaces etc and spend some money ha ha!!I luckily have a husband who never questions what I spend  , hes the opposite to me as I always complain he spends too much! Never send him on the weekly shop alone thats all I can say!

Reading back on things I have written I seem to give a running account of what I am cooking for tea!! Gosh my life is sooooo exciting so just in case you are interested tonight I have made Lamb Tagine and I have to say I smells rather good. In case you havent realised I do enjoy cooking.

Anyway tonight I am snuggling on sofa with Lamb , Wine and watching James Bond.

Hope you all have a good evening and weekend,


ps Thought you might want to see a piccie of me!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Hi All

Hope you like the pics, will take a better one of my ring taking it off first!!! Spend days looking for a car only to be now told ours is NOT a write off. Good job as we couldnt find one we both liked! Why is everything such a palava though.

Can go back to work tomorrow so everything can go back to normal. Dr really sweet about it all and explained thing to me so I understood everything.

Been to asda today and brought Casino Royale for £7!! Bargain or what.

Doing chicken in maple syrup,lime and mustard for tea own special recipe. Yum Yum.

Jackson is throwing his bowl at me so I had better get there tea.

See You All   Louise xxx

Sunday, 18 March 2007

mothers day

Happy Mothers Day All.

Hope you mothers are having a great day.

I got tea in bed, breakfast and a beautiful ring that I had coverted in an antique shop for ages! I was so happy. Will take a photo to show you. It is my mothers day, get well and aniversary present!!

Went out to a Quiz last night which was good fun, our team came 2nd so we were pleased. Got a nice ploughmans with it too.

Going to see my Dr tomorrow to get the ok to go back to work on Wednesday. I feel bad about the people having to do extra to cover me, hopefully he will let me.

Spend the morning looking for a new car. We only had our lovely Focus for 6 weeks when someone kindly smashed into the front of it not looking when they pulled out of a junction! Luckily noone was hurt and they admitted it was there fault but its still a real pain. We have waited over a month to be finally told ours is a write off. In the interim we have been driving a hire car which my husband has grown rather attached too! Its a BMW 1 series sporty thing. He will cry when it goes back!! Told him he will have to find a rich woman to buy him one. Talking of husband ......he has given up smoking now for 6 weeks, I am so proud of him considering all the car traumas and my hospital drama he has done really well.

I am cooking roast beef for tea then going to visit my own Mum....So I hope you are all having a good day

Lots of love Louise x


Friday, 16 March 2007



Feeling alot better today, back to old self really so I feel a bit of a fraud not being at work for another week. Its strange isnt it, you think you hate your job then an unexpected absence makes you realise its not all bad. Anyway I plan to go back next Wed morning all being well. Went to see consultant yesterday whoexplained what had happened and the catalogue of technical failures that happened as I hit the operating table. I am beginning to think I am one of those people with a force field around them that sends thing haywire! She apologised and said I should get a report! J says that they think I might complain or go to the papers! I certainly dont want details of my internal organs displayed to all and sundry!! The upshot of it all anyway is she thinks the procudure will not work anyway but we will have to wait a few months to find out.

I have had wonderful flowers and a great big basket of fruit and other yummy stuff from my workmates which is so nice of them. Also they got a box of my fav choc cherry liquers  yum yum which I shall eat all by myself tonight.

Have read 3 books this week and loads of trashy mags, will have to stock up with new literature this weekend as I have now run out of things to read.

Have a good weekend all

Love Louise xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2007



Hope you are ok!

Had a very eventful time in hospital at the weekend. Went Friday for the MEA which was supposed to take about 20 mins, Husband got packed off home and told to ring in a bit. Wheeled down to theatre at 2pm the next thing I knew the clock said 6pm and I was in agony. Apparently the microwave machine was found to be faulty  so something else had to be used which perforated my uterus and they thought it may have perforated my bowel! So I now have three nice cuts in my washboard like stomach, which is now a nice shade of yellow and purple.

I think I was suffering from either shock or morphine overload as it took about 3 hours for me to stop shaking. So I had to spend the weekend on a drip and have hideous intravenous injections of antibiotics. Poor husband was in a bit of a state worrying then eventually the consultant phoned him herself and waited for him to get to the hospital to explain events as I was a bit out of it. Honestly that is the state of the NHS , wouldnt you think they would check equipment is working before they start!

I am feeling OK now , although I am quite work for a couple of weeks or no driving which is a bit boring as we live in the middle of nowhere. My boys are looking after me, doing the cooking and hoovering and I even have had a home visit from one of my Dr Bosses! Unheard of!!

Am going back to see consultant on Thursday to find out more . I am petrified that I will now need a hysterectomy as I will need heavy tranquilizers before I set foot in hospital again!

Anyway will keep you updated !

Take care all

Louise xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Hello Everyone

Hoping you are all well and had a good weekend. Pretty quite here, took Harry to get new specs which look very smart, spend a happy half hour trying on new glasses myself and squinting to see what they looked like in the mirror! Am going to save up!

Made a Chocolate Mousse Cake on Sunday which was scrummy, we ate the remainder at work yesterday in our break. Work was moaning person after another, I know people complain about Drs receptionist but if only you knew. I open the door to a woman yesterday morning , conversation went like this.

Me Good morning

Her Precription for ...... Put in Friday Night!

Me Well you are a bit early, wont be ready yet.

Her 48 Hours Darrrrling!

Me (In head only lol) Well darrrrrling as we dont work weekends and the elves were off sick you havent got much hope!

The day followed in much the same pattern! No pleases or thanks.

I suppose I may be being a bit harsh as we do have some lovely patients, but I do wonder how they would manage at another surgery. You can turn up in the morning for open surgery and see Dr or Nurse, get you blood done, get your prescription and our Drs still do they own on call and out of hours which is a rarity these days, still this is not enough for some. Enough now of my work rants.

Today I am off shopping with my dear old friend from my old job (major high st chemist!), then we are going out to lunch. I can hear all the gossip, so I had best make tracks, walk the dogs and flick around the duster! Husband is on nighs so is asleep, all noisy housework out of the question..what a shame!

See you all Louise xx

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Where does the time go?

Hi All,

Blimey where does the time go?

A nothing sort of week really, eldest son seems alot brighter thank goodness, is going out with his old friends from school and one girl is coming back from uni to see him sweet!

Dinner party went well, made coq au vin and a passion fruit, mango and lime tart which was very nice if I say so myself! Adults ended up playing golf on the Wii which was quite funny. Ended up going to bed quite late and didnt clear the kitchen well enough as Jackson helped himself to a bag of plain flour and a PACKET of icing sugar! The two of them looked like a couple of cocaine addicts. His stomach only seems to be recovering today!

Quiet weekend planned I think. Am off to hospital next Friday which I am a bit worried about , have got to have a general anaesthetic so I am expecting to be waited on hand and foot on my return.

Hope you are all well

Louise xx