Sunday, 1 June 2008

whoops sorry

Sorry was adding pictures and accidently press wrong key. Hope you like them    they take ages to upload now dont they!  Louise xxxx

Back from sunny France


I am back from sunny Brittany....well sunny most of the time. Got a nice tan and there was only a couple of showers. The campsite was great and everything went smoothly. Harry made lots of friends, did plenty of activities and Mum and Dad slept , ate and drank too much  lol.

My veg have survivied my absence and are flourishing. Lettuce anyone?


Sunday, 18 May 2008

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Holidays and vegetables

Evening All

Thought I was due and update whilst waiting for Dr Who!

I have some pictures to download of my newly planted veggies. I will be so pleased if I get so much as a tomato! I am obsessed with watering, staking and to my new little babies., I have also planted some flowers in tubs . Pictures will follow tomorrow.

On Friday we are off to sunny (hopefully) France, I cannot wait. Nearly 2 weeks off work  Yippee. Here is a link to where we are going.

Looks like great fun doesnt it!

Had a busy social time at work recently. Went bowling which was good. Our team won ,had to drive 2 tipsy doctors home. Then last night we had a meeting of our book club. We all took food and talked about the book, One Thousand Splendid Suns for about 5 mins then gossiped the rest of the night away! Excellent. The book is fab by the way if anyone fancies it.

Just ordered a takeaway curry ...being lazy tonight. Tomorrow am going to visit my neice who was 18 this week and try to get my washing done for holiday.

Will be back tomorrow with my photos   Hopefully.

PS Is anyone else addicted to the Apprentice? I am finding Lee oddly attractive...should I be worried????

Louise xx

Sunday, 27 April 2008



Today I feel rather jaded. Last night we went out for Julians neices 18th birthday, it was Ok , the food was a bit expensive and the chef seemed to overdo the salt in everything but I think she enjoyed herself.

Then this morning I got up at the crack of dawn to sit in a wood to be a marshall on a 10k run a friend was organizing. So now I am back with my feet up and thought hey I think my journal is due for an update.

This week my eldest son had a special mission! He was to cross the road outside his work to the CORN EXCHANGE and accost Tony Hadley  (his mothers hero) who was opening the beer festival.  He did bless him got his autograph had a chat with him and tasted his own beer. Rory said he was very nice and friwndly to him. I couldnt go myself due to work and the fact I would have been struck dumb and paralysed to the spot like I was last time.

Harry has been going to the local Army Cadets at the nearby airbase and is finding it great fun. They have so far done a bit of CPR , map work and gun safety! He cant wait to get his uniform boots etc. They are apparently in the near future going uo in the air sea rescue helicopter! I shall be having a fit!

Cant think of much else to tell so I bid you goodbye for now    Louise   xx

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Back from the cold


Harry is back from his 8 days away in Switzerland. He looks like a panda with a really brown face and white google marks around his eyes! He had a brilliant time and cant wait to go again..better start saving. I think hr krpt his thermals on day and night to save time and his washbag looked unused! Still he had a good bath last night. No broken bones just a few bruises on his shins.

We missed him alot more than he missed us I think but I suppose thats what being a parent is all about. Tomorrow he has to write a presentation which is going to be about the dogs! So he and Julian are going to take lots of photos of them. I am reading the book by Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer..I would so much like to meet that man.

Hope you are well, we had a bit of snow here today but it didnt really settle.


Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy easter


Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter.

Its freezing cold and blowing a gale here! Harry and his Dad have gone fishing in Aldeburgh on the coast. It is so windy they can hardly stand but Harry is so excited that he has caught a Dab and he is going to eat it for his tea!

I am making some mini Hot cross buns, they are just rising in the airing cupboard at the moment..I hope they turn out OK as I have never made them before. Its so nice to take all your problems out on bread dough!!

My old dog is acting very odd. He wont eat his dried food but will eat anything else you care to give him and everytime I let him outside he keeps howling. I think there must be a dog on heat somewhere. He is perfectly lively out on a walk. Oh well we shall just have to keep an eye on him.

My eldest son has just had a bonus from his job and been out and spent all of it!! He was most put out on the amount of tax he had to pay..welcome to the real world!

Julian should get his bonus too shortly but that will mostly have to go on a new car as his is getting past its best, we shall go out looking tomorrow after I fininsh work. I only hope its not too busy, the number of peple who were aggreived we were shut on Friday and Monday  , I did point out to one man that even we get time off for good behaviour! I drew the short straw for the emergency Saturday surgery, never mind after that I dont have to go back until Wednesday.

Anyway Happy Easter and stay away from the chocolate

Louise xx


Tuesday, 11 March 2008



Gosh its windy again tonight The weather is very strange at the moment one minute sunny the next pouring and blowing a gale.

Whats new here... Harry is getting much better at skiing , his friends mum has been taking them for extra coaching and it seems to be paying off. He is getting excited about going now, although in the past couple of days he has had a couple of asthma attacks which we thought he had grown out of, must be some sort of pollen reaction.

Brainiac was great fun, lots of bangs and explosions. Didnt see you though Joan!

What is it about husbands and hobbys? Why do they become obsessed by things? Why do they only talk about that thing and WHY do they leave all the stuff lying about everywhere!! These are the questions on my mind tonight. Namely fishing, do I look like I want to hear about shortages of Lugworms and find out how to make rigs and trip over great big rucksacks. No I do not!

Still enough, I hope you are all well and happy.

Louise xx

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Skiing and Stuff


Thanks for the comments about my lovely boys...I think they are very handsome but then I am biased!!

Today Harry is off to the dry ski slope for the 3rd time! I hate to say it but I dont think he is a natural skiier by hey hes enjoying himself!!

This trip is costing a fortune with all the extras involved, I think I have everything now except the goggles and the swiss francs. He  will be like a pack horse carrying everything. I hope its not as windy when he goes as it was here last night. When Julian returned from work this morning they are wheelie bins and trees all over the roads.

What else have I been up to......we are trying to find a holiday in the May half term, France is looking good again although Harry has set his heart on Italy or Florida! I think a lottery win is needed. The problem with France is the drive, Julians back has been playing up and he is due to have a nerve block injection in a couple of weeks, I would hate to book something and then I have to do the driving!!! My worst nightmare. I'm sure he will be fine hopefully the injection will do the trick.

Tonight I am going to a Duck Racing evening...yes I know I really know how to live!! What is entails I have no idea but it could be fun. Next Friday I am off with Harry to watch Brainiac live. Now I dont know if you are familar with Brainiac on TV but it normally involves blowing up caravans etc so how it will go on stage I dont know! Harry cant wait as its a belated birthday present.

I am not letting work get me down, I think our new leader has been told not to be patronising after someone(I wonder who!)had words with her friendly favourite Dr! I am letting everything go over my head, no point stressing over a job is there !!

Well I hope you are all ok

Louise xx

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Friday, 8 February 2008

A couple a photos of my boys ( and my niece Holly taken just before christmas....hope you like them!

I am still here!

Hi All


Yes I am still here! I have been reading your blogs but have been naughty about my own.

Well whats been happening here in sunny(yes today it is a lovely day) Suffolk. We have had Julians daughter to stay for a week before she jetted off travelling. Julians first wife was/is German so Sarah lives over there. She normally stays with us a couple of times a year. She is now sunning herself in Australia for a few weeks before heading off to Thailand . Oh how I wish I had done that when I was 19! I am trying to persuade Rory thats what he needs to do but he is happy with a week in Magaluf!!! Oh well It would be boring if our kids were all the same.

Harry has reached the grand old age of 12, he had a good birthday got lots of Wii games etc and a docking station for his Ipod and a dart board!

I am soo unhappy at work, I wont bore you with the details, but I (and lots of others) do not like the new manager. I am trying but finding it hard. My best friend who I work the most with is leaving so that makes it worse....Jackie and I have such a laugh together( laughing is no longer allowed much in the new regime , along with joking with the Drs and answering a question without her jumping in first), this is the main reason I have not done an entry as I don't like to spread my misery LOL.

Tonight I am going to make a curry from scratch  cooking is always good for cheering me up I may even make a cake too.

Ashes to Ashes started last night so a fix of Gene Hunt has cheered me up a bit too especially as it is now set in the eighties so the music is fab!

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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Post Christmas

Hi All

Gosh I have been very neglectful of my blog, so sorry.

Hope you all have a great christmas.

We had Christmas day with my family and Boxing Day here at home. The Saturday after Christmas we entertain Hubbys family...never as long as I live again!! It was a nightmare from start to finish..Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer had nothing on it! We then had to have Julians Dad and his new Spanish lady friend stay with us for 6 days, she speaks no English and he would only translate what he felt like, lukily Rory did AS level Spanish so he helped out! Apart from one of his sisters we were the only ones who would have them as some of them disapprove of it!! We had a few funny moments especially as she insisited on calling us Spanish names I was Luisa ans Julian was Julio! The best moment came in a resturant when she asked "Julio constipado?" which turned out to mean Julian do you have a cold! We now keep asking him how his constipation is much to his annoyance!!! His Dad didnt find it funny but luckily she had a sense of humour and nearly fell off her chair when Rory explained.

I have had the coldy chesty lurgy since Christmas Day and a combination of that ,working and putting up with the F.I.L has left me worn out! My husband describes his father as Captain |Mainwaring on a bad day!! Never a truer word has been said.

I wanted to put  a photo of my Christmas Cake on but it seems to have disappeared . Oh and I must tell you I got my own laptop as a present, I was so lucky> My very own with noone elses games and rubbish on!

Anyway just wanted to say Hi and Happy  New Year

Lots of love Louise xx