Thursday, 29 November 2007

busy busy busy

Hi All

Hope my American friends had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

This week at work has been sooooo busy, lots of coughs etch being kindly shared with us! Today I had a man in who is hard of hearing (well I am assuming that!) and had a very odd conversation, along the lines of "when did you bring your repeat form in"

"its a nasal spray"

"no when did you bring your repeat in"

"its blood pressure pills too"

This went on for quite a while, all the people in the queue were struggling to contain themselves. This reminded me of some of my funnier moments at work which I though I would share.

I have to say first, odd people, mad people and the slightly simple people gravitate towards me and its a standing joke at work that it could only happen to me.

One day a lady came in and asked for a prescription for "maisie". "maisie who" I enquire. Blank looks all around " "I dont know but she goes on the bus!!!" It took half an hour of emlimination to find the correct Maisie! Now this lady (the collecion one ) is always called "Maisie on the bus">

Now it gets complication Maisie on the Bus goes in to see the Dr, who bless him they gravitate too!


Hello Dr , were you on holiday last week "

"Yes I went to Scotland"

"Ohhh did you see my sister whilst you were there!!"

We were choking all through coffee break that day!

I have another man who collects lots of peoples medicine but he too never knows their names, it is said if ever I leave I  will have to put up a deciphering chart for everyone so they know who ...Big Doris, Gladie,her round the flats , Maureen who you would want sitting on you!! and June who plays the organ are.

Anyway I thought I would share these with you ans they may make you smile.

Louise xx


Wednesday, 21 November 2007


this is my dress...hope you like it! I got a silver wrap/top thing to wearover the top. Black Crochet Halter Dress


Hi All

Thought I was due for an update.

Yesterday we went xmas shopping, Julian brought me some lovely clothes to wear for his christmas party. He chose me a DRESS!! Its very nice too I will try to photograph it. Now need some shoes and a bag. Didnt buy many presents as I as usual spent too much time making my mind up!

His do is black tie with a meal , disco and casino, it is unfortunately the same night as my works do so will have to give that a miss.

Today Julian is off "TEAM BUILDING", his shift has gone off sea fishing, Deliverance comes to mind!He went looking like a cross between  a member of the S.A.S and Elmer Fudd!I will not rely on his fishing for tea lol.

Had a couple of nice chats on Journals chat, so maybe will chat to one of you one day on there.

Take care all


Thursday, 1 November 2007

more pictures



just adding a few more piccies for you whilst I am home for lunch!. The Gite was massive it had 5 bedrooms, a lovely log burner and all you could need really. We went to St Emillion and did wine tasting which was good fun.Brought a case back so might have a French night!  Louise xx