Friday, 27 July 2007

Harry Potter and Holidays

Hi All

Well off for 10 days now ...hooray.

Harry has been poorly this week. Typical first day of summer holidays he comes down with a lurgy! He has had some horrible throat infection and has been quite unwell, in fact he still isnt eating much. Took him to see dear boss who mentioned the words glandular fever and blood test!! Harry came over all white and slipped down the chair! He is totally phobic about blood needles injections etc and we dont really know why. He cant even be in the room during Holby City! Still hopefully the BT will not be necessary! As fortune (or mine anyway) J has been off work with a bad back so he could be nursemaid.

Been to see Harry Potter this afternoon...excellent but a bit frightening I thought.

Next week we are off to Chester for a minibreak. Got a great deal through TravelZoo. Posh hotel, 2 games of golf and 2 spa treatment inc.

Hopefully Julians back will be OK, strangely enough it always seems to recover when he is near a golf course! Have book him a lesson too as a birthday treat. We will try to go to Chester Zoo whilst we are there or the Aquarium which Harry should enjoy.

Done my training this week and will soon be doing peoples medication reviews, scary. I will start with easy people lol. Still will make a change.

Well heres hoping you are all ok

Louise x


Sunday, 22 July 2007



Thought you might like a piccie of Titus Pollo to cheer you up!

Yesterday I played in a golf competion with Julian and had a really good time. It was called Foxes and Rabbits. I was a Rabbit and just had to putt. I came joint 4th so was very pleases. Afterwards there was a hog roast and disco! We were put in with people I had never met before who turned out to be very nice, although I knew the life history of one of the women before the end of the game, plus the history of most of her friends! Why do I always get stuck with people like that? I dont think she paused for breathe the whole afternoon.

Well I must now go and pick up Harry who stayed at my Mums for the night.

Have a great weekend all

Louise xx

Friday, 20 July 2007


Just got in from course, and Harry is back from his last day in year 6 with a big shield presented to him in assembly for "outstanding effort and achievement". It is awarded in memory of a teacher who sadly passed away, and he won it out of the whole school! He is so proud and so am I!

Just wanted to share it!

Louise xx

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Too much work.....


Another week has passed, and still all I seem to do is work! My house looks like a bomb site as when I am off there is shopping etc to be done. Tomorrow I am off the morning then on a course on managing repeat prescriptions, riveting! Next week I have another course on a similar thing then I will be able to see patients and do their medicine reviews with them, so that will be something a bit different, it will be nice to stop the dreadful waste of medication that goes on at the moment. One day a whole carrier bag of....wait for it....viagra came back! The gentleman had faithfully ticked it on his form every month!! Wistful thinking maybe...


School finishes tomorrow..Harry and I hope to go camping with some friends for a night next week , so I am hoping the weather holds out. Then we are trying to organise a BBQ for Js birthday, we have a new paella pan that we want to try out so I was thinking of a Spanish theme...sangria, paella spicy sausages etc.


Nothing more exciting I can think of,  our drains were blocked but thats not a nice  topic of conversation!

Am getting sad that Rome is ending will have to get Julian to dress in toga LOL   Louise xx

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Where does the time go!

Hi All

Yes I am still here! Working very hard still and no time to do anything else really.

Did get afternoon off today to go to Harrys year 6 assembly and he won an award! For outstanding improvement in English so he was dead chuffed. He did really well in his SATS ..not bad for a dyslexic!

Need to get something to wear for a wedding in August but have no time to go shopping ...I hate shopping on Saturdays too many people. I was hoping to get something I can wear on the cruise too.

Last weekend Julian catered for a BBQ for a friend of his and that went well, Rory and I helped him and believe it or not we did not fall out at all !!! Which is surprising as we had to work in a tiny kitchen. The house was massive and had a pool, tennis court and much to Harrys delight a full sized snooker table. The kitchen was in a holiday rental bit. We want to have a holiday there but as its only 2 miles up the road seems a bit pointless!! J had to cook 2 massive bits of sirloin beef on the BBQ which must have cost a fortune but everyone said it was the best beef they had ever had so he did OK!!

Might go and see Harry Potter at weekend although Harry seems keener on seeing Transformers! Rory went to DieHard 4.0 which he said was fantastic but I dont really fancy it much, I feel sure Bruce Willis must be getting a bit old for that sort of thing now!

Have got into watching Rome on TV but get a bit confused who is who , but it is extremely rauchy those old romans certainly knew how to have a good time!

Right off to have some tea then may play on the Wii with Harry.

Take care all    Louise xx