Friday, 27 July 2007

Harry Potter and Holidays

Hi All

Well off for 10 days now ...hooray.

Harry has been poorly this week. Typical first day of summer holidays he comes down with a lurgy! He has had some horrible throat infection and has been quite unwell, in fact he still isnt eating much. Took him to see dear boss who mentioned the words glandular fever and blood test!! Harry came over all white and slipped down the chair! He is totally phobic about blood needles injections etc and we dont really know why. He cant even be in the room during Holby City! Still hopefully the BT will not be necessary! As fortune (or mine anyway) J has been off work with a bad back so he could be nursemaid.

Been to see Harry Potter this afternoon...excellent but a bit frightening I thought.

Next week we are off to Chester for a minibreak. Got a great deal through TravelZoo. Posh hotel, 2 games of golf and 2 spa treatment inc.

Hopefully Julians back will be OK, strangely enough it always seems to recover when he is near a golf course! Have book him a lesson too as a birthday treat. We will try to go to Chester Zoo whilst we are there or the Aquarium which Harry should enjoy.

Done my training this week and will soon be doing peoples medication reviews, scary. I will start with easy people lol. Still will make a change.

Well heres hoping you are all ok

Louise x



oddb0dkins said...

Hope Harry's feeling better soon.
Well done for finishing the traing and good luck with the reviews.
B. x

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your Holidays:)


kamdghwmw said...

I do hope that everyone is well for your mini vacation! I have never been to a spa! I will have to try that some day!

ticklatowers said...

I like looking round the zoo. Sometimes they even let me out of the cages.