Sunday, 16 December 2007


Hi All

Have been really busy working, so no entry sorry.

Been out in my dress and it went well even if I was about 1 foot taller than most people who work with Julian. Didnt trip over in my high(ish) heels . Food was Ok, there was a cocktail bar, casino massive chocolate fountain, photographer and magician. We tripped out at about 11pm and headed off down the road a couple of mile to my work party which was in full swing! There were several people slightly worse for wear to put it politely, I was a tad overdressed but hey! One of the receptionists was extremely drunk and proceeded to tell one of the drs all her grudges over and over and over again!

The christmas rush at work has not got any better! I have got to work until 4pm Christmas eve but I dont really mind. We will have the secret santa in the morning which is always great fun! Speaking of which my present I have ordered has not come the firm are resending it so fingers crossed it will arrive or I shall have to make a last minute trip out. I have done loads of internet shopping this year and it has been a bit of a disaster. Lots of thing are still to arrive , somethings are wrong and most annoyingly I have waited in twice for a delivery that has twice been forgotten to be put on the van! That firm are in for a piece of my mind on Monday!

Last night we had a dinner party and I am feeling slightly jaded ( a bit hungover really!). It all went well we had a good laugh and everyone liked my cooking. We had salmon rilette to start, then boozy beef , cruncy roast potatos and veg then Key lime pie. I love cooking but find it never racking deciding what to cook and worrying what it will turn out like.

Anyway I am off for a cup of tea and an ibuprofen!

Louise xxx

Thursday, 29 November 2007

busy busy busy

Hi All

Hope my American friends had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

This week at work has been sooooo busy, lots of coughs etch being kindly shared with us! Today I had a man in who is hard of hearing (well I am assuming that!) and had a very odd conversation, along the lines of "when did you bring your repeat form in"

"its a nasal spray"

"no when did you bring your repeat in"

"its blood pressure pills too"

This went on for quite a while, all the people in the queue were struggling to contain themselves. This reminded me of some of my funnier moments at work which I though I would share.

I have to say first, odd people, mad people and the slightly simple people gravitate towards me and its a standing joke at work that it could only happen to me.

One day a lady came in and asked for a prescription for "maisie". "maisie who" I enquire. Blank looks all around " "I dont know but she goes on the bus!!!" It took half an hour of emlimination to find the correct Maisie! Now this lady (the collecion one ) is always called "Maisie on the bus">

Now it gets complication Maisie on the Bus goes in to see the Dr, who bless him they gravitate too!


Hello Dr , were you on holiday last week "

"Yes I went to Scotland"

"Ohhh did you see my sister whilst you were there!!"

We were choking all through coffee break that day!

I have another man who collects lots of peoples medicine but he too never knows their names, it is said if ever I leave I  will have to put up a deciphering chart for everyone so they know who ...Big Doris, Gladie,her round the flats , Maureen who you would want sitting on you!! and June who plays the organ are.

Anyway I thought I would share these with you ans they may make you smile.

Louise xx


Wednesday, 21 November 2007


this is my dress...hope you like it! I got a silver wrap/top thing to wearover the top. Black Crochet Halter Dress


Hi All

Thought I was due for an update.

Yesterday we went xmas shopping, Julian brought me some lovely clothes to wear for his christmas party. He chose me a DRESS!! Its very nice too I will try to photograph it. Now need some shoes and a bag. Didnt buy many presents as I as usual spent too much time making my mind up!

His do is black tie with a meal , disco and casino, it is unfortunately the same night as my works do so will have to give that a miss.

Today Julian is off "TEAM BUILDING", his shift has gone off sea fishing, Deliverance comes to mind!He went looking like a cross between  a member of the S.A.S and Elmer Fudd!I will not rely on his fishing for tea lol.

Had a couple of nice chats on Journals chat, so maybe will chat to one of you one day on there.

Take care all


Thursday, 1 November 2007

more pictures



just adding a few more piccies for you whilst I am home for lunch!. The Gite was massive it had 5 bedrooms, a lovely log burner and all you could need really. We went to St Emillion and did wine tasting which was good fun.Brought a case back so might have a French night!  Louise xx

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Post hoilday depression


Back from sunny France. Had a good times did lots of sightseeing and eating ( and drinking!). Weather was good albeit a bit cold at night.

Harry made some new friends and had a great  time.

I cannot begin to say how awful my work is at the moment. I dread going in..we are so far behind. On top of that its my birthday Sunday which always depresses me! I'm sure I will be fine next week.

I have tried to catch up on journals sorry if I havent commented.

Hope you like the photos  Louise x

Saturday, 6 October 2007



Just wishing you a happy weekend.

I am just happy not to be at work, the tensions are becoming unbearable. I just like to go to work , do my job ,have a laugh or two along the way and come home! Not keep bitching, mounting power struggles and trying to get one up on other people. I am seriously thinking of contacting my old place of work and seeing if there is anything going. I try to get on with everyone,however difficult they are. I get splinters in my bottom sitting on the fence!!

Yesterday I went shopping and whilst unloading my trolley onto the conveyer belt I managed to drop a pack of 6 tins of dog food onto my finger from a great height! I truly thought I may faint, but carried on ..blood dripping from my finger which rapidly swelled up! I dont like to make a scene! I managed to drive back home. It has now gone down but is a bit purple and has a big blood blister.

Today Harry has a friend coming for a sleepover and we are going to some friends for supper which should be nice.

In 2 weeks time I should be in France (god willing as my dear old Granddad used to say!) and I am really looking forward to it. Put my work problems away for a week and relax.

Love Louise x

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Hi All

Bathroom finished and looking good. I keep sitting in the bath admiring it. Will post a picture as I am sure you are dying to see my new toilet!!!! Have brought a curved shower rail and its great gives loads more room and stops the shower curtain sticking to you.

All quiet on the headache front....touch wood. Harry is taking his medicine and we will just have to wait and see. This afternoon we are going to a talk at school about dyslexia so hope to pick up some infomation and tips.

Worked Saturday morning then went to Jimmys Farm

in the afternoon with my work friend Jackie, Harry and her son. It was good fun but a bit expensive. Saw Jimmy and had our picture taken with him, he was very nice and friendly. Didnt buy any sausages , too big a queue. One of the Hairy Bikers was there giving a demo, but didnt get chance to meet him. Jackie is still swooning after having Jimmys arm around her.

Work is getting me down at the moment , not sure what to do about things. We are going to have a manager which will be interesting and some people are a law to them selves. Have thought ....briefly...about applying BUT as its full time and I struggle to get things done at the moment at home , with 2 lazy boys and one Husband who only seems to care about Golf and the pub at the moment I think it may well send me to the funny farm. Also there is alot of other reasons why I dont fancy the job. I suppose I should hang on in and see what happens.

Have I told you I am off to France in the half term, we have booked a Gite in the Dordorgne so heres hoping the weather is OK.

Hope all is well with you   Louise xx

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Hello all

My life has been a bit busy of late. We are having a new bathroom which is a nightmare and I had to go and stay at my Mums for a few days as we had no toilet. 3 weeks down the line we now have a bath, floor walls and a loo! By tomorrow we should have a sink radiator and a shower  Hooray!! I am on initmate terms with all the builders!

Harry has been unwell since going back to school, the Doc has diagnosed migraines and he has had 3 in the past 3 weeks, so we are all a bit worried about him. He gets a headache then is violently sick then falls asleep, by morning he is ok all be it a bit pale. Yesterdays attack lasted longer than the others, so he has some medicine to take at night to see if that helps him. Fingers and everything else crossed! He is full of beans tonight and we did get to to school for about 10.45 as he is worried about missing lessons.

I hope you are all OK , sorry if I havent commented much but I am reading your journals ...promise!

Louise x

Monday, 27 August 2007

carry on cruising


Just to let you know I am still here, had a really busy week and just got back from my mini cruise! Very tired but we all enjoyed ourselves, not 100% sure if I would do it again.

Did a whistlestop visit to Amsterdam and Bruges, ate masses drank a bit too much and am in dire need of a good sleep. Will post photos as soon as! Tomorrow H and me are off to Sheringham for the day with friends so another busy day ahead.

Have read my alerts but sorry if if I havent commented...hope you are all ok

Louise xx

Friday, 17 August 2007

things about me!

Hi All

Was reading Maries blog this morning about things she likes and thought I would do the same as you probably dont know alot about me (apart from I moan about work alot!)

So here goes....

Favorite Films

The Green Mile... I love this film its so thought provoking and sad with a touch of the supernatural.

The Shawshank redemption

A tale of triumph over injustice, with a wonderful voice over by Morgan Freeman

Pulp Fiction....apart from one scene where I have to close my eyes I watch this time and time again. John Travolta is brilliant.

Now much to my husbands amusement 2 films I also watch over and over which make me laugh everytime....Carry on Abroad and On the embarassing is that!

Favorite Books

The tales of The City series  by Armistead Maupin

Anthing by Bill Bryson especially the Lost Continent.

Books by Maureen Lee about war time Liverpool

I also love to re read my childhood favourites such as The Chalet School, Enid Blytons Malory Towers and The Magic faraway tree..I am still a child at heart.

Favorite TV.

These are one I try not to miss. Although I dont watch alot of TV nowadays I dont seem to have the time.

Rome...If you have read my journal before you know I love this LOL.

Life on Mars..wonderful series very original.

The Royle Family and Dinnerladies..My favourite comedys

Our |Friends in the North...I would recommend this to anyone, It was on just after Harry was born and I used to watch it whilst feeding him before bed.

New Tricks.

Favourite Men Lol.

Apart from my husband of course.

Tony Hadley...the love of my teenage years

Titus Pollo (Ray Stephenson)

Antonio Banderos

Linford sporting choice!

George Clooney..of course cant leave him out!

Right thats my lot, if you want to know anymore please ask and I may tell!

Have a good day  Louise xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Hair dye


Just thought I would pop in whilst I am waiting for the hair dye Rory has kindly applied for me to work! What a nice son I have lol

Been swimming with H and his friend today then went to Frankie and Bennys for something to eat, I had roasted veg risotto, very nice but not enough of it! Julian had Chicken and Ribs.

The wedding went well, it was a lovely sunny day and we all enjoyed ourselves. My brother reduced us to hysteria in the church with a comment he made but apart from that we behaved.

The weather today is a total contrast...wet and blustery. I think I may get some of those seasickness patches before next friday just in case!

Still doing lots of overtime which is a good job I suppose as Julian works for ICI which has just been taken over, so the future is a bit uncertain at the moment. Still its early days yet..he doesnt seem worried but thats men for you! It would only bother him if the local burned down or the golf course flooded!

Going to a funeral Thursday, one of my favourite patients at work who has sadly passed away. I will miss him alot, we always had a little chat and he only liked me to serve him. He was a real sweetie. You do get quite attached to people in my line of work .

Speaking of work , had a hideous pair in Monday, bellowing at me as if I was simple! The daughter had been to see a private doctor , got a prescription but wouldnt pay the price of it. It is one of my pet hates. They wanted me to interupt a Dr in surgery to get him to transfer it to nhs, i refused and told them they would have to come back in the morning which didnt go down very well. It wasnt for anything life threatening and as I see it if they were that desparate they would have paid up! My other pet hate is people moaning about paying for holiday injections and malaria pills, I bet they dont keep telling the travel agents, they are pensioners, on income supports etc so they should get them for nothing!

Anyway enough of my work moaning I am sure you all get fed up with it. Best go and see if my grey hairs have vanished!

Take care
Louise xx

Friday, 10 August 2007


Hi All

What a beautiful sunny day it is! Hope it stays like this for the wedding tomorrow. Good news on the top front! I have lost some weight and it fits a treat...would you believe even Husband has noticed , although dieting make me a tad grumpy lol. It has been really busy at work so all that running about has helped too. Have asked Dr to be quick off the mark finishing tomorrow so should be ok.

Did I mention that we are going on a mini cruise? Anyway its two weeks today, we are getting a bit excited. Rory has to still go to work in the morning as the bank is short staffed but luckily Harwich is only about 1 hour from here so we should have plenty of time.

Am just starting to read A spot of Bother , which looks very good. Just finished Harry Potter which I hate to say I found a bit tedious, Julian really liked it though.

Anyway going to prepare a culinary diet delight...seafood risotto.

Have a great weekend, hope the sun shines for you all

Louise xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2007



Day off today. Yesterday was a nighmare...really busy although the patients were very patient and pleasant..must be the sunshine. In the afternoon I was alone with just a holiday student to help me. Boy she leads a tangled life! She spent most of the time weeping (which she has done since she started) about her men troubles. Luckily one of the Drs had brought us some Thorntons Chocs so I plied her with them and tissues and gave her my worldly advice!!! Not that she will take any notice of it but hey I had to do something.

Did my last alert go out I wonder or does noone like me anymore?

Am sitting in my dressing gown wondering what to do today, by the time I make up my mind it will be teatime! Harry has 2 new DS games and will be hard to prise from the sofa. That boy is a real couch potato

Am going to a family wedding on Saturday and trying very hard not to eat too much as I seem to have piled on so much weight. Have given up alcohol and biscuits. The top I want to wear is a bit on the tight side so I hope I have lost a couple of pounds! I have to work Saturday morning until 12.30ish and then be at the church (about 12 miles ) before 2.30. So pray for no emergencies for me please. Will bribe the Dr to finish early ( hes easily bribed with a cake! I dont think his wife feeds him!).

Rory has kindly agreed to look after Harry, My brother Scott (who I think I mentioned before is mentally handicapped) and also Hollie who is my brothers youngest. Rory is hardly seen at the moment ,just to eat and hand me his washing.

Well had better think about doing something I suppose, have a great week all.

Louise x

Friday, 3 August 2007

Back from break


Back from break.

Tried to add an album but has turned out a bit odd!

Had a great stay near Chester. Hotel was fab! Had two spa treatments which was a first for me. Think I enjoyed them! Julian enjoyed his golf and Harry had free golf lessons.

Carden Park, Near Chester

Went to a safari park which was great fun. Baboons climb all over your car, pulling off your arials and wipers. Absolutely hilarious! They seem to prefer BMWs and Mercs!

Chester is a beautiful city but we didnt really have time to do it justice, so we will have to return.

Anyway will catch up with you all asap.

Louise xx

Friday, 27 July 2007

Harry Potter and Holidays

Hi All

Well off for 10 days now ...hooray.

Harry has been poorly this week. Typical first day of summer holidays he comes down with a lurgy! He has had some horrible throat infection and has been quite unwell, in fact he still isnt eating much. Took him to see dear boss who mentioned the words glandular fever and blood test!! Harry came over all white and slipped down the chair! He is totally phobic about blood needles injections etc and we dont really know why. He cant even be in the room during Holby City! Still hopefully the BT will not be necessary! As fortune (or mine anyway) J has been off work with a bad back so he could be nursemaid.

Been to see Harry Potter this afternoon...excellent but a bit frightening I thought.

Next week we are off to Chester for a minibreak. Got a great deal through TravelZoo. Posh hotel, 2 games of golf and 2 spa treatment inc.

Hopefully Julians back will be OK, strangely enough it always seems to recover when he is near a golf course! Have book him a lesson too as a birthday treat. We will try to go to Chester Zoo whilst we are there or the Aquarium which Harry should enjoy.

Done my training this week and will soon be doing peoples medication reviews, scary. I will start with easy people lol. Still will make a change.

Well heres hoping you are all ok

Louise x


Sunday, 22 July 2007



Thought you might like a piccie of Titus Pollo to cheer you up!

Yesterday I played in a golf competion with Julian and had a really good time. It was called Foxes and Rabbits. I was a Rabbit and just had to putt. I came joint 4th so was very pleases. Afterwards there was a hog roast and disco! We were put in with people I had never met before who turned out to be very nice, although I knew the life history of one of the women before the end of the game, plus the history of most of her friends! Why do I always get stuck with people like that? I dont think she paused for breathe the whole afternoon.

Well I must now go and pick up Harry who stayed at my Mums for the night.

Have a great weekend all

Louise xx

Friday, 20 July 2007


Just got in from course, and Harry is back from his last day in year 6 with a big shield presented to him in assembly for "outstanding effort and achievement". It is awarded in memory of a teacher who sadly passed away, and he won it out of the whole school! He is so proud and so am I!

Just wanted to share it!

Louise xx

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Too much work.....


Another week has passed, and still all I seem to do is work! My house looks like a bomb site as when I am off there is shopping etc to be done. Tomorrow I am off the morning then on a course on managing repeat prescriptions, riveting! Next week I have another course on a similar thing then I will be able to see patients and do their medicine reviews with them, so that will be something a bit different, it will be nice to stop the dreadful waste of medication that goes on at the moment. One day a whole carrier bag of....wait for it....viagra came back! The gentleman had faithfully ticked it on his form every month!! Wistful thinking maybe...


School finishes tomorrow..Harry and I hope to go camping with some friends for a night next week , so I am hoping the weather holds out. Then we are trying to organise a BBQ for Js birthday, we have a new paella pan that we want to try out so I was thinking of a Spanish theme...sangria, paella spicy sausages etc.


Nothing more exciting I can think of,  our drains were blocked but thats not a nice  topic of conversation!

Am getting sad that Rome is ending will have to get Julian to dress in toga LOL   Louise xx

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Where does the time go!

Hi All

Yes I am still here! Working very hard still and no time to do anything else really.

Did get afternoon off today to go to Harrys year 6 assembly and he won an award! For outstanding improvement in English so he was dead chuffed. He did really well in his SATS ..not bad for a dyslexic!

Need to get something to wear for a wedding in August but have no time to go shopping ...I hate shopping on Saturdays too many people. I was hoping to get something I can wear on the cruise too.

Last weekend Julian catered for a BBQ for a friend of his and that went well, Rory and I helped him and believe it or not we did not fall out at all !!! Which is surprising as we had to work in a tiny kitchen. The house was massive and had a pool, tennis court and much to Harrys delight a full sized snooker table. The kitchen was in a holiday rental bit. We want to have a holiday there but as its only 2 miles up the road seems a bit pointless!! J had to cook 2 massive bits of sirloin beef on the BBQ which must have cost a fortune but everyone said it was the best beef they had ever had so he did OK!!

Might go and see Harry Potter at weekend although Harry seems keener on seeing Transformers! Rory went to DieHard 4.0 which he said was fantastic but I dont really fancy it much, I feel sure Bruce Willis must be getting a bit old for that sort of thing now!

Have got into watching Rome on TV but get a bit confused who is who , but it is extremely rauchy those old romans certainly knew how to have a good time!

Right off to have some tea then may play on the Wii with Harry.

Take care all    Louise xx

Saturday, 30 June 2007


Hi All

Sorry for lack of entry, I sure you have all missed the latest installments of my exciting life.

Have felt ill for over a week now with some "virus", last weekend I lost my voice totally and have had the worst sore throat ever, now I have an irritating cough which makes me choke...too much info I know! Also I could sleep for England.

Rory has done half of his Pass Plus driving exam today which entailed driving down to the M25, I have panic attacks thinking about that road! Anyway he passed that so hes pretty pleased.

I think I told mentioned my Mums best friend who was ill, sadly she passed away so we have had her funeral etc to attend to, my Mum is pretty down at the moment so we are taking her away in August on a mini cruise to Holland and Belgium...all inclusive so I had better so on a radical diet before that! Both boys are coming too and we are really looking forward to it.

Last night we had a team building game of rounders at one of my bosses house, luckily the rain stopped for the evening and we had great fun and lots of nice food.Our team lost!

Boys went to see Rise of the Silver Surfer which Harry loved and he was so chuffed that hes got a big brother to drive him to the cinema now!

Husband is moaning about the smoking ban thinks the next step is rounding smokers up and putting them in concentration camps! I think its a good idea personally but I can see his point too.

Well have a good weekend hope it stays at least a bit dry for you

Love Louise xx

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Hi All

Been for several drives with son, so nerves are shattered lol. No hes being very cautious thank goodness. Still I am making him give me 3 rings when he goes anywhere a la Peter Kay!

I know I said I wasnt going to moan about work work again but it is very difficult at the moment for one reason or another, still I have had day off today which was nice. I got Julian a big collage of our holiday pictures for fathers day but I cant get a frame to fit it! Typical. He was really pleased with it anyway.

I will tell you of a funny thing at work elderly man (could have come from the set of Deliverance) came in to collect a prescription for his wife. My work colleague A couldnt find anything so she asked him what he was expecting..."Something to shove up her F****!!! So ladies never send a man to collect anything for you, the people in the queue behind got a good laugh anyway, as we did!

Well I am off to finish my shepherd pie, hope to are all OK   Love Louise xx

Thursday, 14 June 2007

On the road

Hi All

Just want to say a BIG congratulations to my eldest baby who passed his driving test today 1st time!

Just got to get his car insured you know it costs DOUBLE to insure a boy rather than a girl!

Anyway thats all!   Louise

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Back to normal

Hi All

Well back to reality, school,work and washing!

Work is busy as we are short staffed so thats quite stressful am having to do 32 hours overtime up to the end of the month which I could do without.

The dogs are being perfectly behaved since their trip to the dog sitters....we think Jackson may be drugged lol. On his 2nd day with her whilst out for a walk he ran off to chase a rabbit and didnt come back. The lady waited and waited and decided to back to her house to phone the police and what do you know....there was Jackson in the back garden sitting at the door. Clever or what!! He didnt do it again anyway.

Not much else to say, I dont know if an alert went out for my photo entry but its there if anyone wants to be bored by my holiday snaps Harry took them to school on a memory stick and showed his class in assembly.

Take care all    Louise xx

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Blimey what a as promised I hope  ....just picked out a few....hope youlike them    Louise x



Well I am back and a fantastic time was had by all. The sun shone from the moment we got off the ferry until the drive home! The crossing was smooth and apart from a couple of minor map reading glitches from yours truly (lol) we found the site quite easily. It was much better than I had hoped for. The chalet was great and had everything we needed and the pool was fantastic, in fact we only left the site twice to get a bit of shopping! I am missing cycling already so I will have to pump up my tires!! There were very few other English people on site which was not a problem and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Harry did......outdoor climbing, scuba diving, zip wire, magnetic climbing and wild water rafting. We all canoed. Julian has taken some great pictures and I will try to upload them later. We had ducks in the garden and two turtles we called Michael Angelo and Leonardo after the Mutant Turtles! Harry also sat in an Aston Martin car which was the highlight of his holiday and he thinks hes a bit of a James Bond!

The trip to Germany went OK too and Julians daughters graduation party went well. Then it was back home to cloudy weather and 4 loads of washing! It was nice to see Rory and the dogs ( who behaved impecably at the dog sitters would you believe!), Rory has brought himself a car in our absence, a little Saxo so he now just has to pass his test which is coming up very soon, I wont jinx it by saying when.

Anyway am now off to make Harry a banana split. Will get photos on ASAP and bore you all with them! 

Hope you are all ok     Love Louise xx

Thursday, 31 May 2007


Hi Everyone

Busy day of packing etc. Harry in a state of mania! Ferry leaves at 11.30pm so a few hours to wait lol. Car breakdown stuff didnt come in post which was a bit annoying but at least the euros have arrived. Packing for the dogs, Jackson has just stolen half a loaf of tiger bread so he his in the "doghouse". I just pray he behaves at the dog sitters! Have just cut Julians hair so he looks reasonably presentable for the trip.The only other concern is the weather but hey I cannot do anything about that.

Will take lots of pics for you , look after yourselves Louise.

PS If anyone watches the apprentice please keep me informed what happens next week!!

Sunday, 27 May 2007



I have been a bit fed up of late with various things, today I spend a long time reading the most inspirational journal of a cancer sufferer called I shaved my legs for this ( I am so inept I can't leave a link). This has put alot of things into perspective for me. I have been soooo annoyed with Husband for starting smoking again after 5 months of giving up. It has not been the easiest of times as those of you who smoke will know!! I was so disappointed in him and I know thats not a nice thing to say. I so want him to stop which he did for 5 years after Harry was born . As he tells me I do not understand how hard it is. Maybe not but after seeing his mother die of cancer and his sister surviving a brain tumour again all odds I really can't understand. His father can walk no more than 5m before heaving for breathe with emphaseamia and they are or were all heavy smokers. Still today I realised being nasty and making horrible comments is not going to help, what will I havent worked out yet lol. I know hes not doing it to spite me or annoy me and I am sure he feels worse about it that I do. I know I must not dwell on the small stuff and concentrate on what is really important....those that love and need you.

This is not my normal sort of entry I know as I find it hard to open up but reading that journal has made me really think.

Anyway back to trivia, Holiday is looming and the weather is looking not so good so fingers crossed for a bit of sun towards the end of the week please. The dogs are soaked today and keep shaking water all over the kitchen. Jackson is in disgrace today for catching a Partridge..don't tell the local gamekeeper please! Rory has been in bed most of the day after going clubbing until 4am...oh to be young again. Harry is rediscovering Wii sports after loosing it for a couple of months in the place that used to be known as his bedroom floor!!!!

Have a good week all

Love Louise xx

Friday, 25 May 2007


Hi All

Well I have finished work for 2 weeks and I cant wait.

Today a work friend and I went to visit a couple of patients who have had to move into sheltered accomodation. They were really pleased to see us which was nice then we went for lunch which was also nice!

Harry has been accepted to go on the skiing trip so I had better start economising! Will start looking on ebay for skiwear.

Took some pictures of the bees on the ceanotheus bush this morning but they didnt come out very well , will have to try again. There seem to be thousands of them buzzing away out there. Rory is off to see Pirates of the Carib part 3 tonight and we are jealous!

Think I may have to make this blog more exciting as I dont seem to have many readers.....what shall I do? Its hard for me to say anything too personal as I am not really like that and I cant say much about work due to confidentuality so it makes it a bit difficult so I will have to have a think.

Anyway got to cook H some tea and feed the dogs

Have a good weekend   LOuise

Sunday, 20 May 2007


Hi All

Hope this finds you all well.

Harry has finished his SATS , he said they went well!! He got a great report not a bad thing in it. It said he was a wonderful young man, who was kind to all and never had a bad word to say about anyone! Also that he was always ready for a friendly chat! He has always liked a chat ever since he was a baby!!

Think I am liking my new glasses now. Have not been all that well this week am on antibiotics for a kidney infection but feel alot better now, can now venture to 10m from a loo instead of 5m! I will not go into too much gruesome details in case you have just had your tea! The things us women have to deal with!

Had some bad news this week about Mums friend, the one we helped move. She has been really poorly and needed to go to hospital. He had to go to a nursing home , because as I mentioned he lost both his legs, Anyway her stomach swelled rapidly and it transpires she has advanced ovarian cancer. I had to pick her husband up and take him to the hospital so she could tell him. It was not a nice thing to have to do. He took it very well under the circumstances. They are both at home for the time being and carers are coming in to help. It is such a sad thing to happen, after the awful year they have had. All we can do is help as much as we can as they have no children of their own.

On a good note I have found a dog sitter for when we go to Holland. She has taken the pair of them out for a walk to see how she got on and all was well. I am having nightmares about some of JACKSONS antisocial behavior, I have tried to been honest about his habits but I fear she may need councilling after our return!!! We have brought him a halti collar and it has turned him into a new dog whilst if only I could stop his recycling habits in the night.

Only 11 days until we go to Holland. Harry is getting excited about scuba diving and wall climbing. I am getting worried about the ferry crossing I hope its not rough.

Anyway tomorrow is another week, the girl at work who I am not all that keen on is leaving, so we are looking for a replacement. I hope they find someone with some experience or else I will have to do alot of extra hours BOO HOO.

Thats all from me, I am going to have a sit down and digest the roast lamb I have eaten far too much of!

Louise xx

Friday, 11 May 2007


Hi All

Got my new specs today...not sure if I like them yet! Had to wait ages to get them fitted. Got absolutely drenched twice whilst in town and of course I had no brolly.Met Rory for lunch which was nice.

Party went really well, noone had to sit on the floor and I got £48 commission, so I got a bracelet, a scarf , a necklace and a bag!! Several people booked partys too so \I get a % of their sales too!! All the carrot cake went I'm afraid but I will make another one especially for anyone who reads my journal (exciting as it is!).

Last night I went bowling with work....a bonding exercise! Three of the doctors headed the teams....ours came last! My back was twingeing all night but I still managed a couple of strikes. The food was a bit naff but it always is in those places. It was a good laugh though.

Julian is working all weekend and I am working in the morning so we wont be up to much. Harry should be revising hard for his SATS next week.

Have a good weekend all

Love Louise

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Hello everyone.

Today I am busy cooking and cleaning (BOO), as tonight I am having a jewellry party and I think I may have over invited! I dont think I have enough chairs, Oh well I am sure some wont mind sitting on the floor! I have made a carrot cake and a chocolate brownie cake, I hope thats enough. I am going to banish the dogs to the garden so am praying it doesnt rain (may have to banish husband out there too). Harry is going to be my waiter!

Husband is really struggling with his giving up smoking, I know it sounds awful but a part of me wishes hed never given up in the first place, he has been quite difficult to live with at times. I am not sure if its the giving up or the tablets he took to help him. Oh well I will just keep quiet as I know from past experience nagging does not help!!

Nothing else to report, I do have a boring life even Jackson is quiet at the moment but I must not speak too soon. Have read several books last week, The Girls.....OK but drags on a bit. The Memory Keepers Daughter.....excellent really enjoyed this very thought provoking. Walking Ollie....Ok for a quick read about life with a rescue dog.

Oh well the hoover is calling!! Have a good week folks

Louise xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Hi All

All is quiet here apart from the sound of me sniffing and sneezing with hayfever. I may have to take a tablet! Am going into Bury St Edmunds today to meet Rory for lunch and he is going to help me choose some new glasses. Its hard getting them by yourself especially when you cant see!!He is still enjoying working in the bank and \i really cant see him leaving to go to uni , still so long as hes happy I only hope he doesnt regret it in years to come.

Harry came in from school the other day with "good news and bad news". The good news is theres a skiing trip next year at school, the bad news is hes told everyone we can't afford it!!! Thanks very much Harry!!I must admit it is quite expensive but as I told him I am sure you can pay in installments! Will I be able to let my baby go away for a week I wonder, it doesnt seem to bother him.

Cant think of much other news to tell you, the Police are looking into my complaint about "The Rave", they must think I am a right old busy body! Helped some friends of my Mums move on Saturday, which was quite sad for them. He unfortunatley had diabetic complications which has meant he has had to have both legs amputated below the knee, she is also unwell too. They moved into an adapted bungalow just over the road from their old house, still its surprising how much stuff is accumulated over 50 years of marriage. They have no children but have always treated my brother and myself (and our children) as part of their family so it was a pleasure to help them, I only hope they get on OK.

I dont think I have said much about my family have I? My father died very suddenly 5 years OK which was a big shock. I have two brothers both younger than me , one of which is mentally handicapped. He still lives with my Mum and we try to help with him as much as possible. It does make my mothers life very hard though especially as she suffers from arthritis in her knees quite badly. Julian has a large family , he has 5 brothers and sisters, so in total Harry and Rory have 12 cousins at last count.

Well thats enough of our family tree for today. Am going to get dresses, take out J and S in th sunshine and go off shopping. Have a great week folks  Louise




Friday, 27 April 2007


Hello everyone

Things are quiet down here in Suffolk, they certainly werent at the weekend though!! More of that in a minute.

Work has quitened down until the next bank holiday rush, still desperately not liking it at the moment, but what else can I do? Still going in with a smile and trying to ignore the difficult patients, backstabbing staff and grumpy doctors!! I struggle working with one of my collegues and I am not the only one. She has to be centre of attention at all times, swears like a trooper and is constantly flashing her plastic (or silicone in this case ) bits off!! Jodie Marsh has nothing on her.

Anyway I am moaning again and I promised myself I wouldd stop. Back to the weekends events. We had all settled down for a quiet night in front of a DVD when a loud thumping noise started. I should explain at this point that opposite our house is the village hall and during the 12 years we have lived here we have never really been affected by any event that has gone on. Husband went outside to have a look and said I think theres a party, ok fair enough, we carried on watching the DVD until the end by which point we couldnt hear the TV anyway! The thumping noise of the bass was making the doorknocker rattle and I kid you not if you sat on the toilet it was shaking!!

Enough was enough we thought, out I went to ask them to turn it down it was by now 11pm. Well I have never had such abuse (and working where I do I should know!!) I climbed over drunken bodies and peered into the smokefilled room, it was obviously a rave! Husband next went and faced the same. Some neighbours also tried but to no avail, so we tried our next option ....the police. Fat lot of good they are, firstly we were told that noise is not their problem we had to phone the council!! On a Saturday night...a neighbour did by the way and the emergency "noise dept" is in West Yorkshire!!! So we phoned the police again,still no joy, but what about the threats to our property and obvious drug taking?? Evrntually after numerous calls from us and other residents 2 policemen arrived. Only to have the door shut in their faces!! 2 more police arrived in a big van, this must be it we thought. The noise by this time was indescribable, my dogs were circling the kitchen in fear and Harry was crying beacause he was frightened and couldnt sleep. The police still couldnt gain access and wouldnt force the matter as in their words ...we dont want to get our heads kicked in!! Call the drugs squad someone shouted. "This is not The Bill mate" was the police response!!

I can honestly say I have never seen such a shambles, eventually at 2.30am they started leaving the Hall and one arrest was made for drink driving! Apparently it is the latest thing, 2 apparently nice youths book a hall for a "birthday party" and this happens. I am only glad I didnt have to clear it up the next morning. So beware everyone this could be coming to a hall near you!!

Stll it all made for a bit of excitement....Harry is now wondering why if you are told the Police will help you in times of trouble that in fact they don't!! They are too busy trying to catch people speeding  2 miles a hour over the limit as they do around here!!

Anyway that is all of my rants for today, I am off to get my eyes tested and do a bit of shopping. Heres hoping for a quieter weekend   Love Louise xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Jacksons arrival

Hi All

Quiet week here, Harry back at school and Julian is on nights. So I thought instead of boring you all rigid of my moaning about work and what I am cooking I would tell you how we aquired Jackson

Once upon a time there was a beautiful black Lab called Skar , he was doted on by his beloved owner, they spend many a happy hour strolling around the field and he loved to curl up on the sofa with him! Skar was perfect in every way except one......he did like lady dogs, his owners always meant to get him neutered but never quite got round to it!!

Skar one day went missing, his owner was very worried, but then a call came from some friends who lives about 1 mile away to say Skar was lurking in their garden and seemed very friendly with theie dog Cassie.  He was brought home and as soon as his Mum and Dads back was turned he had gone again. His Dad went to fetch him again!! This time he was sitting on the sofa looking very pleases with himself albut smoking an after the event cigarette!!

Luckily Cassies owners didnt mind her liason and a few weeks later out popped out 6 black squirming lab looking puppies!! Unfortunately there were 2 more that had got stuck and died. |Skars mum couldnt help keep visiting the puppies and one always came to meet her when she arrived so home he came with her!! Skar was not sure at first but Jackson as he was named soon won him around.

When the puppies were 1 they all met at the water meadows and had a reunion together with their Mum and Dad and a good time was had by all.

So that  is the story of how Jackson came to be with has been a long year!! I never realised how good Skar was, he NEVER stole food or went in the bin etc. But one day I live in hope Jackson will take after him!! Still we love him really. You will be pleased to note we have now got around to making sure that this will never happen again.

Anyway folks take care

love Louise xxx


Saturday, 14 April 2007


Hi All

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Have had quite a busy week, workwise and homewise. Harry has been out alot with his Dad as he is on holiday this week , they have played golf, gone shooting again and went swimming yesterday.

Tomorrow we are having a BBQ , Julian brother(his indentical twin) and family are coming round. They have 4 boys under 9 so it could get lively....and messy!

Have put on about a stone this week already, I have been out for Chinese twice and have eaten far too much. Once was a work bookclub meeting, we discussed the previous book "Perfume", which I quite liked but seemed to be in the minority. At the end of the evening we still hadnt decided which book to read next!! I hope an agreement is made soon as I have nothing new to read at the moment. I am re reading , not for the first time, The Lost Continent which is one of my all time favourite books, I would sooo like to travel the different states of America like that.

Last night 14 of us went for another chinese to celebrate a friends birthday and a good time was had by all, Rory kindly stayed in and looked after Harry and a friends daughter of the same age so they had had great time scoffing crisps and popcorn playing on the Wii and watching The Fantastic Four on DVD.

Well I will be off now , I have to decide which dessert to make for tomorrow.

Have a great weekend all  Louise xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Tuesday last day of freedom

Hi all

Had a quiet day today, Harry watched Lord of the Rings for the hundreth time and I had a sleep!!

Hope ou like the photos, the church is next to our house, some are from walking the dogs and the collage thing is something I did at christmas when I was sorting out my photos. Eldest son is in bottom corner with sunglasses , that was taken at the commonwealth games in Manchester.

Now how to make morrocan chicken....simply mix 6 teaspoons of morrocan spice mix (I use Raj el Hanout) with 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of oil. Rub into chicken and leave to marinade for an hour or so. Cover with foil and roast as normal basting as it cooks. This is also nice with lamb, do the same thing to some diced lamb, add 1 browned off chopped onion a  tin of chopped tomatos, a handful of dried prunes or apricots , a bit of water and cook in slow cooker or casserole....simple Lamb Tagine. Thats the cooking tip of the day.

Well thats all for now, back to work tomorrow boooooo!!! Have decided I want a job not involving members of the public!!


Monday, 9 April 2007


Hi All

Hope you all had a great Easter.

We had a good party yesterday. All the pie went!! I think Julian may have some new customers! All the kids had an easter egg hunt and then there was a clay pigeon shoot, which Julian enjoyed!

Today I brought a new camera for myself, I just need to learn how to use it lol. I have send off for a memory card from as I refused to pay Argos prices. I have been a bit of a spendthift today , I also admit to getting a camera case, Life on Mars DVD and have ordered H some clothes for holiday....better not give up work for a couple of weeks yet! I felt I needed cheering up after last week, It had turned me into a bit of a old grump.

Took the dogs out for a walk in the sunshine today, Jackson was actually as good as gold. Skar on the other hand rolled in a badger that has been dead for at least a month, he must have been waiting for the perfume to be exactly right for him!! He was banished outside for a while until I could stomach giving him a cold bath!! He still keeps glaring at me now.

Ohhh just read that Spandau Ballet may reform and am in a state of great excitement, never thought that would happen. I may have to play Tony at full volume to get in the mood!

Well now have to go and feed friends hamsters for them and pick Rory up from a BBQ. Have got roast chicken in morrocan spices for tea and am looking forward to an evening without GOLF.

See you all folks Louise xx

Thursday, 5 April 2007


Hi All

Had a hideous week at work, EVERYONE in the practice has put in their repeat prescription regardless of whether it was due or not! The "rude bus" was in town this afternoon. I had a drug addict being foul to me as soon as I came back from  lunch.....I know I should be more tolerant and I have come across many over the years who are as polite as can be but this one.........You wouldnt mind but my taxes are funding his habit!! I have complained to his GP and told him I wasnot paid enough to be spoken to like that. That just set the tone for the rest of the afternoon  moan complain and moan again!!!

Still not more until Wednesday. Harry has been shopping with his Nan this afternoon conning her out of loads of money! Going to a party Sunday so quite looking forward to that. Julian has been busy Pie making.....he makes Pork pies  and Chicken and Ham pies from his only secret recipe!! They seem to be very popular, he made about 25 at christmas, I never wanted to look at a pie again!

Jackson is being awful at the moment, he escaped this morning and I was nearly late for work looking for him. I dispair of him ever improving.

Have a happy Easter all and dont eat too many eggs!

Louise xx

Friday, 30 March 2007

day off

Hi All

Day off today and can't  decide what to do! Housework or shopping???Maybe both I think.

Will explain the last piccies. They were taken last summer in Spain and my in-laws house, not our pool I'm afraid. It was a bitter sweet holiday as my MIL was ill with cancer so most of the family went over to see her, I think she enjoyed seeing her grandchildren who had many a fun day of water volleyball in the pool. Sadly she died in  November, she deteriorated very quickly and was too ill to travel back over here. FIL is still over there , but I think he will come back shortly as I feel he is quite lonely over there and I think he worries about getting ill over there too. Spanish healthcare and hospitals are not the same as here to say the least. Their house is between Valencia and Alicante in a small village, which is lovely but quite isolated.

Well will walk the dogs then decide on my plan of action for the day.

Louise xx


Wednesday, 28 March 2007



Thought I would add some other pictures to frighten everyone! Just noticed there is no pictures of No 1 Son, will have to rectify that.

Yesterday I got my car back...hooray. We drove 20 ish miles to get it got nearly home when I realised I had left the shopping in the boot of the hire car...much to husbands annoyance, so back we drove to pick it up drove back again , unloaded the shopping when husband realised he had left the front door key with the hire car keys..Oh how I laughed!!! It could only happen to us.

Nothing much else exciting is happening in sunny Suffolk and I don't even know what I am cooking for tea .

Went to see Meet the Robinsons with Harry on Sunday (which was quite good, we both enjoyed it) . At 10pm Saturday night Husband announced he had invited people for Sunday Lunch (5 in fact) . Oh dear that will make him pay attention to what I am doing in future, as I had booked our cinema tickets, he had to cook it all himself!! I did make tthe gravy and the Yorkshires for him. Very nice it was to but I think it wore him out for the rest of the week!

Anyway enjoy your week all.

Love Louise

Saturday, 24 March 2007


Hi All

Firstly I must apologise for the cockeyed way I put those photos in!

All is good here, Harry is playing with a friend and Rory is chatting to his mates online, dear husband is down the pub!!!

Went back to work for 2 mornings and all was good. I do get these moments of real tiredness come over me ....not quite sure what that is all about.

Last night I went to a jewellry party at a friends house which was good, nice to see friends... catch up... try on loads of necklaces etc and spend some money ha ha!!I luckily have a husband who never questions what I spend  , hes the opposite to me as I always complain he spends too much! Never send him on the weekly shop alone thats all I can say!

Reading back on things I have written I seem to give a running account of what I am cooking for tea!! Gosh my life is sooooo exciting so just in case you are interested tonight I have made Lamb Tagine and I have to say I smells rather good. In case you havent realised I do enjoy cooking.

Anyway tonight I am snuggling on sofa with Lamb , Wine and watching James Bond.

Hope you all have a good evening and weekend,


ps Thought you might want to see a piccie of me!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Hi All

Hope you like the pics, will take a better one of my ring taking it off first!!! Spend days looking for a car only to be now told ours is NOT a write off. Good job as we couldnt find one we both liked! Why is everything such a palava though.

Can go back to work tomorrow so everything can go back to normal. Dr really sweet about it all and explained thing to me so I understood everything.

Been to asda today and brought Casino Royale for £7!! Bargain or what.

Doing chicken in maple syrup,lime and mustard for tea own special recipe. Yum Yum.

Jackson is throwing his bowl at me so I had better get there tea.

See You All   Louise xxx

Sunday, 18 March 2007

mothers day

Happy Mothers Day All.

Hope you mothers are having a great day.

I got tea in bed, breakfast and a beautiful ring that I had coverted in an antique shop for ages! I was so happy. Will take a photo to show you. It is my mothers day, get well and aniversary present!!

Went out to a Quiz last night which was good fun, our team came 2nd so we were pleased. Got a nice ploughmans with it too.

Going to see my Dr tomorrow to get the ok to go back to work on Wednesday. I feel bad about the people having to do extra to cover me, hopefully he will let me.

Spend the morning looking for a new car. We only had our lovely Focus for 6 weeks when someone kindly smashed into the front of it not looking when they pulled out of a junction! Luckily noone was hurt and they admitted it was there fault but its still a real pain. We have waited over a month to be finally told ours is a write off. In the interim we have been driving a hire car which my husband has grown rather attached too! Its a BMW 1 series sporty thing. He will cry when it goes back!! Told him he will have to find a rich woman to buy him one. Talking of husband ......he has given up smoking now for 6 weeks, I am so proud of him considering all the car traumas and my hospital drama he has done really well.

I am cooking roast beef for tea then going to visit my own Mum....So I hope you are all having a good day

Lots of love Louise x


Friday, 16 March 2007



Feeling alot better today, back to old self really so I feel a bit of a fraud not being at work for another week. Its strange isnt it, you think you hate your job then an unexpected absence makes you realise its not all bad. Anyway I plan to go back next Wed morning all being well. Went to see consultant yesterday whoexplained what had happened and the catalogue of technical failures that happened as I hit the operating table. I am beginning to think I am one of those people with a force field around them that sends thing haywire! She apologised and said I should get a report! J says that they think I might complain or go to the papers! I certainly dont want details of my internal organs displayed to all and sundry!! The upshot of it all anyway is she thinks the procudure will not work anyway but we will have to wait a few months to find out.

I have had wonderful flowers and a great big basket of fruit and other yummy stuff from my workmates which is so nice of them. Also they got a box of my fav choc cherry liquers  yum yum which I shall eat all by myself tonight.

Have read 3 books this week and loads of trashy mags, will have to stock up with new literature this weekend as I have now run out of things to read.

Have a good weekend all

Love Louise xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2007



Hope you are ok!

Had a very eventful time in hospital at the weekend. Went Friday for the MEA which was supposed to take about 20 mins, Husband got packed off home and told to ring in a bit. Wheeled down to theatre at 2pm the next thing I knew the clock said 6pm and I was in agony. Apparently the microwave machine was found to be faulty  so something else had to be used which perforated my uterus and they thought it may have perforated my bowel! So I now have three nice cuts in my washboard like stomach, which is now a nice shade of yellow and purple.

I think I was suffering from either shock or morphine overload as it took about 3 hours for me to stop shaking. So I had to spend the weekend on a drip and have hideous intravenous injections of antibiotics. Poor husband was in a bit of a state worrying then eventually the consultant phoned him herself and waited for him to get to the hospital to explain events as I was a bit out of it. Honestly that is the state of the NHS , wouldnt you think they would check equipment is working before they start!

I am feeling OK now , although I am quite work for a couple of weeks or no driving which is a bit boring as we live in the middle of nowhere. My boys are looking after me, doing the cooking and hoovering and I even have had a home visit from one of my Dr Bosses! Unheard of!!

Am going back to see consultant on Thursday to find out more . I am petrified that I will now need a hysterectomy as I will need heavy tranquilizers before I set foot in hospital again!

Anyway will keep you updated !

Take care all

Louise xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Hello Everyone

Hoping you are all well and had a good weekend. Pretty quite here, took Harry to get new specs which look very smart, spend a happy half hour trying on new glasses myself and squinting to see what they looked like in the mirror! Am going to save up!

Made a Chocolate Mousse Cake on Sunday which was scrummy, we ate the remainder at work yesterday in our break. Work was moaning person after another, I know people complain about Drs receptionist but if only you knew. I open the door to a woman yesterday morning , conversation went like this.

Me Good morning

Her Precription for ...... Put in Friday Night!

Me Well you are a bit early, wont be ready yet.

Her 48 Hours Darrrrling!

Me (In head only lol) Well darrrrrling as we dont work weekends and the elves were off sick you havent got much hope!

The day followed in much the same pattern! No pleases or thanks.

I suppose I may be being a bit harsh as we do have some lovely patients, but I do wonder how they would manage at another surgery. You can turn up in the morning for open surgery and see Dr or Nurse, get you blood done, get your prescription and our Drs still do they own on call and out of hours which is a rarity these days, still this is not enough for some. Enough now of my work rants.

Today I am off shopping with my dear old friend from my old job (major high st chemist!), then we are going out to lunch. I can hear all the gossip, so I had best make tracks, walk the dogs and flick around the duster! Husband is on nighs so is asleep, all noisy housework out of the question..what a shame!

See you all Louise xx

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Where does the time go?

Hi All,

Blimey where does the time go?

A nothing sort of week really, eldest son seems alot brighter thank goodness, is going out with his old friends from school and one girl is coming back from uni to see him sweet!

Dinner party went well, made coq au vin and a passion fruit, mango and lime tart which was very nice if I say so myself! Adults ended up playing golf on the Wii which was quite funny. Ended up going to bed quite late and didnt clear the kitchen well enough as Jackson helped himself to a bag of plain flour and a PACKET of icing sugar! The two of them looked like a couple of cocaine addicts. His stomach only seems to be recovering today!

Quiet weekend planned I think. Am off to hospital next Friday which I am a bit worried about , have got to have a general anaesthetic so I am expecting to be waited on hand and foot on my return.

Hope you are all well

Louise xx

Friday, 23 February 2007


Hi All

Sorry no entry for a couple of days, have had to do a lot of last minute covering at work due to various traumas or other. Had one of my own yesterday, eldest sons long time girlfriend dumped him via text!! The poor boys distraught, I have never really liked her (but I didnt tell him that!). He spoke to her last night and she said it was his fault as he was working he didnt have enough time for her and he wasnt the same person as he was at school!! Honestly.

Harry tried to cheer him up with a selection of jokes, that didnt quite make sense and an offer of playing Zelda on the Wii, bless him. Still hes gone off to work today, I only hope he stays out of contact with her for a while to see sense. Its awful when your kids are upset even when they get older and theres not really anything you can do.

Anyway am off shopping now , have some friends coming to dinner tomorrow and cant decide what to cook.

See you all  Love  Louise xx

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Holiday time

Hi All

Hope you are all ok!

Had a nice day off today, we booked our Holiday  Hooray!! We were hoping to go to France this year but Husband has to go to Germany at the end of the only time off we could get together sooo after great deliberation and research we are going to Center Parks in Holland then we can drive over to Germany at the end of the week. He has to go and see his daughters graduation from school, so everyone is happy now, especially Harry who cant wait!. One of the pains of my job is I only get 4 weeks holiday a year and everyone fights for the best weeks, so we are going the first week of June. If anyones been there already I would love to know what its like.

Jackson had eaten Husband new reading glasses this morning whilst I was in the shower! Nothing is safe from him, still I suppose we should have learnt our lesson about leaving things lying around after a year of having him.

Got to go and make Harry do his homework now   Have a great evening  Louise xx

Saturday, 17 February 2007


Well didnt have a too good start to the day. Got up to find Jackson had decided to do a bit of recycling in the night! And not content with shredding the contents of the recycling bag and strewing them all over the kitchen he had chewed up the airbed pump , lead and adaptors!!

Does anyone know a dog trainer as we are getting desperate! Have been watching The Dog Whisperer on Sky which has some great tips but Jackson is still the bane of our lives, I suppose we were lucky with Skar as he only did naughty things the once then learnt his lesson , not sure if Jackson is cleverer or more stupid!

After clearing the debris made it to the cinema only to find that the two films started at completely different times, so Rory saw Hot Fuzz which he said was brilliant and Harry and I saw The Reef which was OK quite funny in places but it was no Shrek thats for sure!

Having a takeaway tonight as a treat, husband has been doing overtime today and is working all day tomorrow too. He works shifts so we are quite used to it now , I don't mind him working nights....I can watch as much trash on TV as I like without listening to him moaning about it lol.

Hope you have all had a good day   Louise xx

Friday, 16 February 2007

4th time lucky


Will try this for the 4th time, everytime I write then send it disappears apart that the test one!

Sleepover done and dusted. They were all surprisingly good, no tears no fights and best of all no getting us up in the middle of the night...Hooray>

No work today, popped over to Husbands twin brothers so Harry could see his cousins then had a trip to Toys R Us, Oh how I live the high life!

Yesterday at work a dear old man told me how lovely I was looking, husband said had he come down for an eye check!! Its amazing the lengths people go to get their repeat prescription early!!!

May go to cinema tomorrow , Rory wants to see Hot Fuzz but Harry isnt old enough so we may see Charlottes Web instead. Rory is my eldest son by the way, hes 19 and works for a bank..its supposed to be a gap year but he is really enjoying it plus he like earning money so who knows what he will do.

Anyway am going to press send AGAIN and see what happens   

Louise xx

Thursday, 15 February 2007


Just seeing if this works as I wrote yesterdayand it didnt!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Hi All  Happy Valentines Day.

I struggled out this morning staggering over cards,flowers chocolates etc!! No not really. Husband is wondering why I didnt put sugar in his tea...I told him he was lucky to get any at all. Still I should know better after all this time.

Busy at work again, there is a nasty bug going around and staff are dropping down, not surprising really considering how we are sneezed and coughed all over, hopefully I will escape it .

Tomorrow night Harry is having a sleepover...yes call me mad. Five 11 year olds, we are not expecting much sleep, I should have learn my lesson after the last one. I think they eventually quitened down about 3am after my mad mother riot act (am not at my best at that time).

Just spoken to my Father in Law in Spain and he said its really warm over there, its absolutely chucked it down here all the fields and roads are getting flooded.

Thanks to anyone whos read this, hope its not too boring, dont tell me if it is lol.

Just making a curry so best go   Louise x

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Todays bits

Really tired today, work was busy busy busy didn't finish until 7pm then had to pick up Harry from his Nans. Husband had managed to feed dogs then disappear off for a "quick pint".

As predicted Harry struggled out with Yu_gi-oh cards galore and 3 yes 3 new game cube games, wouldnt mind but hes has decided that his own tv in his bedroom is not big enough so he has taken over the downstairs one, oh well.

He has got a nintendo Wii which is great fun.....even I can play on that one. Today is bedroom tidying as he has a belated birthday sleepover on Thursday night (could be a long night for us!) .Thats him above  ,dont tell him I have put his picture on !!!!!! Harrys my little menace , hes cheeky,smart but also very sensistive and caring, everythings very black and white with him, he has dyslexsia but its doesnt hold him back as he always tries his best at school and I have to say his school are excellent at helping him which is more than his last school was!

Anyway an exciting day of cleaning ,dog walking and shopping awaits me and I have no inclination to do any of them lol.   Byeeee for now.

Sunday, 11 February 2007


Work today eeerrr. I work in the local drs in the pharmacy, today I have to work a whole day which means until the last patient has gone which could be up to 7pm. Its a long day.Never mind day off tomorrow. Life is never dull in the day of a drug pusher as my husband refers to me! No 2 son is with his Nan for the day as its half term so I expect him to return weighed down with Yu Gi Oh cards and other such things she loves to spoil him with! Now I must get someone to read this and tell me how to import pictures otherwise whats the point!


OHHH I worked it out myself hurray    This is Skar and Jackson

First time others blogs enough so taking the plunge and doing my own! Worried I have nothing exciting to say but hey here goes. We live in the heart of the countryside, we being me husband no1 son(19) and no2 son(11) not forgetting our two dogs Skar and Jackson(after Colin!). If you have read Marley and me thats what life with Jackson is like he needs a entry of his own to cover all his misdeameanors. When, if, I work out how to put on pictures you can see us. Well I will keep this brief as the sunday dinner needs my attention, youngest son already complaining that beef has no crackling!

Bye for now