Friday, 16 February 2007

4th time lucky


Will try this for the 4th time, everytime I write then send it disappears apart that the test one!

Sleepover done and dusted. They were all surprisingly good, no tears no fights and best of all no getting us up in the middle of the night...Hooray>

No work today, popped over to Husbands twin brothers so Harry could see his cousins then had a trip to Toys R Us, Oh how I live the high life!

Yesterday at work a dear old man told me how lovely I was looking, husband said had he come down for an eye check!! Its amazing the lengths people go to get their repeat prescription early!!!

May go to cinema tomorrow , Rory wants to see Hot Fuzz but Harry isnt old enough so we may see Charlottes Web instead. Rory is my eldest son by the way, hes 19 and works for a bank..its supposed to be a gap year but he is really enjoying it plus he like earning money so who knows what he will do.

Anyway am going to press send AGAIN and see what happens   

Louise xx


elainey2465 said...

Hope you enjoy your film. Glad you eventually got an entry in. Laine xxx

kamdghwmw said...

I am so glad that you got the entry to work! Our 16 year old has a job and she just loves having her own money. I think it is good for them. I do hope that you have a great weekend!

jmoqueen said...

Well done it got through this time :-)  Glad the sleepover went well and you survived Toys R Us!!  OOooooo I want to see Hot fuzz ~ you'll have to tell us whether it was any good if you go.  Charlottes web ~ I read that book in primary school.


jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


sarajanesmiles said...

Aww, I want to see Charlotte's Web :o)
Sara   x