Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Hi All  Happy Valentines Day.

I struggled out this morning staggering over cards,flowers chocolates etc!! No not really. Husband is wondering why I didnt put sugar in his tea...I told him he was lucky to get any at all. Still I should know better after all this time.

Busy at work again, there is a nasty bug going around and staff are dropping down, not surprising really considering how we are sneezed and coughed all over, hopefully I will escape it .

Tomorrow night Harry is having a sleepover...yes call me mad. Five 11 year olds, we are not expecting much sleep, I should have learn my lesson after the last one. I think they eventually quitened down about 3am after my mad mother riot act (am not at my best at that time).

Just spoken to my Father in Law in Spain and he said its really warm over there, its absolutely chucked it down here all the fields and roads are getting flooded.

Thanks to anyone whos read this, hope its not too boring, dont tell me if it is lol.

Just making a curry so best go   Louise x


ally123130585918 said...

Popping over from Sara's Journal have put you on my alerts so hope to keep up with you ~ hope you steer clear of that bug that is going around ~ Ally

jckfrstross said...

Happy Valentines Day:) i have added you to my alerts so i will be back:) Sarah sent me over Welcome to j-land


sarajanesmiles said...

He he, I'm not usually at my best at 3am either!
Some of my favourite childhood memories are of sleepovers with my cousins, hope Harry and his friends have a great night :o)
Sara   x