Friday, 23 February 2007


Hi All

Sorry no entry for a couple of days, have had to do a lot of last minute covering at work due to various traumas or other. Had one of my own yesterday, eldest sons long time girlfriend dumped him via text!! The poor boys distraught, I have never really liked her (but I didnt tell him that!). He spoke to her last night and she said it was his fault as he was working he didnt have enough time for her and he wasnt the same person as he was at school!! Honestly.

Harry tried to cheer him up with a selection of jokes, that didnt quite make sense and an offer of playing Zelda on the Wii, bless him. Still hes gone off to work today, I only hope he stays out of contact with her for a while to see sense. Its awful when your kids are upset even when they get older and theres not really anything you can do.

Anyway am off shopping now , have some friends coming to dinner tomorrow and cant decide what to cook.

See you all  Love  Louise xx

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Holiday time

Hi All

Hope you are all ok!

Had a nice day off today, we booked our Holiday  Hooray!! We were hoping to go to France this year but Husband has to go to Germany at the end of the only time off we could get together sooo after great deliberation and research we are going to Center Parks in Holland then we can drive over to Germany at the end of the week. He has to go and see his daughters graduation from school, so everyone is happy now, especially Harry who cant wait!. One of the pains of my job is I only get 4 weeks holiday a year and everyone fights for the best weeks, so we are going the first week of June. If anyones been there already I would love to know what its like.

Jackson had eaten Husband new reading glasses this morning whilst I was in the shower! Nothing is safe from him, still I suppose we should have learnt our lesson about leaving things lying around after a year of having him.

Got to go and make Harry do his homework now   Have a great evening  Louise xx

Saturday, 17 February 2007


Well didnt have a too good start to the day. Got up to find Jackson had decided to do a bit of recycling in the night! And not content with shredding the contents of the recycling bag and strewing them all over the kitchen he had chewed up the airbed pump , lead and adaptors!!

Does anyone know a dog trainer as we are getting desperate! Have been watching The Dog Whisperer on Sky which has some great tips but Jackson is still the bane of our lives, I suppose we were lucky with Skar as he only did naughty things the once then learnt his lesson , not sure if Jackson is cleverer or more stupid!

After clearing the debris made it to the cinema only to find that the two films started at completely different times, so Rory saw Hot Fuzz which he said was brilliant and Harry and I saw The Reef which was OK quite funny in places but it was no Shrek thats for sure!

Having a takeaway tonight as a treat, husband has been doing overtime today and is working all day tomorrow too. He works shifts so we are quite used to it now , I don't mind him working nights....I can watch as much trash on TV as I like without listening to him moaning about it lol.

Hope you have all had a good day   Louise xx

Friday, 16 February 2007

4th time lucky


Will try this for the 4th time, everytime I write then send it disappears apart that the test one!

Sleepover done and dusted. They were all surprisingly good, no tears no fights and best of all no getting us up in the middle of the night...Hooray>

No work today, popped over to Husbands twin brothers so Harry could see his cousins then had a trip to Toys R Us, Oh how I live the high life!

Yesterday at work a dear old man told me how lovely I was looking, husband said had he come down for an eye check!! Its amazing the lengths people go to get their repeat prescription early!!!

May go to cinema tomorrow , Rory wants to see Hot Fuzz but Harry isnt old enough so we may see Charlottes Web instead. Rory is my eldest son by the way, hes 19 and works for a bank..its supposed to be a gap year but he is really enjoying it plus he like earning money so who knows what he will do.

Anyway am going to press send AGAIN and see what happens   

Louise xx

Thursday, 15 February 2007


Just seeing if this works as I wrote yesterdayand it didnt!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Hi All  Happy Valentines Day.

I struggled out this morning staggering over cards,flowers chocolates etc!! No not really. Husband is wondering why I didnt put sugar in his tea...I told him he was lucky to get any at all. Still I should know better after all this time.

Busy at work again, there is a nasty bug going around and staff are dropping down, not surprising really considering how we are sneezed and coughed all over, hopefully I will escape it .

Tomorrow night Harry is having a sleepover...yes call me mad. Five 11 year olds, we are not expecting much sleep, I should have learn my lesson after the last one. I think they eventually quitened down about 3am after my mad mother riot act (am not at my best at that time).

Just spoken to my Father in Law in Spain and he said its really warm over there, its absolutely chucked it down here all the fields and roads are getting flooded.

Thanks to anyone whos read this, hope its not too boring, dont tell me if it is lol.

Just making a curry so best go   Louise x

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Todays bits

Really tired today, work was busy busy busy didn't finish until 7pm then had to pick up Harry from his Nans. Husband had managed to feed dogs then disappear off for a "quick pint".

As predicted Harry struggled out with Yu_gi-oh cards galore and 3 yes 3 new game cube games, wouldnt mind but hes has decided that his own tv in his bedroom is not big enough so he has taken over the downstairs one, oh well.

He has got a nintendo Wii which is great fun.....even I can play on that one. Today is bedroom tidying as he has a belated birthday sleepover on Thursday night (could be a long night for us!) .Thats him above  ,dont tell him I have put his picture on !!!!!! Harrys my little menace , hes cheeky,smart but also very sensistive and caring, everythings very black and white with him, he has dyslexsia but its doesnt hold him back as he always tries his best at school and I have to say his school are excellent at helping him which is more than his last school was!

Anyway an exciting day of cleaning ,dog walking and shopping awaits me and I have no inclination to do any of them lol.   Byeeee for now.

Sunday, 11 February 2007


Work today eeerrr. I work in the local drs in the pharmacy, today I have to work a whole day which means until the last patient has gone which could be up to 7pm. Its a long day.Never mind day off tomorrow. Life is never dull in the day of a drug pusher as my husband refers to me! No 2 son is with his Nan for the day as its half term so I expect him to return weighed down with Yu Gi Oh cards and other such things she loves to spoil him with! Now I must get someone to read this and tell me how to import pictures otherwise whats the point!


OHHH I worked it out myself hurray    This is Skar and Jackson

First time others blogs enough so taking the plunge and doing my own! Worried I have nothing exciting to say but hey here goes. We live in the heart of the countryside, we being me husband no1 son(19) and no2 son(11) not forgetting our two dogs Skar and Jackson(after Colin!). If you have read Marley and me thats what life with Jackson is like he needs a entry of his own to cover all his misdeameanors. When, if, I work out how to put on pictures you can see us. Well I will keep this brief as the sunday dinner needs my attention, youngest son already complaining that beef has no crackling!

Bye for now