Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Hello all

My life has been a bit busy of late. We are having a new bathroom which is a nightmare and I had to go and stay at my Mums for a few days as we had no toilet. 3 weeks down the line we now have a bath, floor walls and a loo! By tomorrow we should have a sink radiator and a shower  Hooray!! I am on initmate terms with all the builders!

Harry has been unwell since going back to school, the Doc has diagnosed migraines and he has had 3 in the past 3 weeks, so we are all a bit worried about him. He gets a headache then is violently sick then falls asleep, by morning he is ok all be it a bit pale. Yesterdays attack lasted longer than the others, so he has some medicine to take at night to see if that helps him. Fingers and everything else crossed! He is full of beans tonight and we did get to to school for about 10.45 as he is worried about missing lessons.

I hope you are all OK , sorry if I havent commented much but I am reading your journals ...promise!

Louise x