Sunday, 11 February 2007

First time others blogs enough so taking the plunge and doing my own! Worried I have nothing exciting to say but hey here goes. We live in the heart of the countryside, we being me husband no1 son(19) and no2 son(11) not forgetting our two dogs Skar and Jackson(after Colin!). If you have read Marley and me thats what life with Jackson is like he needs a entry of his own to cover all his misdeameanors. When, if, I work out how to put on pictures you can see us. Well I will keep this brief as the sunday dinner needs my attention, youngest son already complaining that beef has no crackling!

Bye for now


sarajanesmiles said...

Hello hello hello!
A big J-land welcome to you, and a thank you for inviting me to read your journal :o)  Always a pleasure to have a new journal to read.
Beef with no crackling???  
Poor youngest son ;o)
Sara   x

jmoqueen said...

Hi Louise ~ welcome to j-land.  Don't worry about having nothing to write about ~ rambling is the key to journals ;-)