Sunday, 11 February 2007


Work today eeerrr. I work in the local drs in the pharmacy, today I have to work a whole day which means until the last patient has gone which could be up to 7pm. Its a long day.Never mind day off tomorrow. Life is never dull in the day of a drug pusher as my husband refers to me! No 2 son is with his Nan for the day as its half term so I expect him to return weighed down with Yu Gi Oh cards and other such things she loves to spoil him with! Now I must get someone to read this and tell me how to import pictures otherwise whats the point!


OHHH I worked it out myself hurray    This is Skar and Jackson

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sarajanesmiles said...

Well done you :o)
Waving at Skar and Jackson... they're sooo handsome!
Have a good day at work.
Sara   x