Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Hi All

All is quiet here apart from the sound of me sniffing and sneezing with hayfever. I may have to take a tablet! Am going into Bury St Edmunds today to meet Rory for lunch and he is going to help me choose some new glasses. Its hard getting them by yourself especially when you cant see!!He is still enjoying working in the bank and \i really cant see him leaving to go to uni , still so long as hes happy I only hope he doesnt regret it in years to come.

Harry came in from school the other day with "good news and bad news". The good news is theres a skiing trip next year at school, the bad news is hes told everyone we can't afford it!!! Thanks very much Harry!!I must admit it is quite expensive but as I told him I am sure you can pay in installments! Will I be able to let my baby go away for a week I wonder, it doesnt seem to bother him.

Cant think of much other news to tell you, the Police are looking into my complaint about "The Rave", they must think I am a right old busy body! Helped some friends of my Mums move on Saturday, which was quite sad for them. He unfortunatley had diabetic complications which has meant he has had to have both legs amputated below the knee, she is also unwell too. They moved into an adapted bungalow just over the road from their old house, still its surprising how much stuff is accumulated over 50 years of marriage. They have no children but have always treated my brother and myself (and our children) as part of their family so it was a pleasure to help them, I only hope they get on OK.

I dont think I have said much about my family have I? My father died very suddenly 5 years OK which was a big shock. I have two brothers both younger than me , one of which is mentally handicapped. He still lives with my Mum and we try to help with him as much as possible. It does make my mothers life very hard though especially as she suffers from arthritis in her knees quite badly. Julian has a large family , he has 5 brothers and sisters, so in total Harry and Rory have 12 cousins at last count.

Well thats enough of our family tree for today. Am going to get dresses, take out J and S in th sunshine and go off shopping. Have a great week folks  Louise





kamdghwmw said...

Both of our daughter are going on some expensive trips. One will actually be in the U.K. next summer! Anyway, here is what we are doing to help her get the money. I figured out that Amber needs 200 people to give her $20 each. Then her trip will be paid for. I printed out a chart with 200 squars on it. ( I can send you the link if you want) Amber has been gathering stuff and has had a few garage sale. She has also typed up a "sponser" letter, and has taken it around to local business asking for a sponsorship of $100. Some have said yes and some have said no, but she is getting it done. Oh we have just dropped the letters off and asked them to mail us a check, so that they do not feel like we are putting them on the spot. Anyway, I think that children should travel , so I am getting very creative on ways for them to raise the money!

oddb0dkins said...

I doubt the police will do anything about the rave, they're too busy making life hell for the motorists.
Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip. B. x

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


jmoqueen said...

Thank you for telling us a bit about your family.  Your poor mum with her arthritis.  Hope you managed to find some new glasses :-)