Sunday, 27 May 2007



I have been a bit fed up of late with various things, today I spend a long time reading the most inspirational journal of a cancer sufferer called I shaved my legs for this ( I am so inept I can't leave a link). This has put alot of things into perspective for me. I have been soooo annoyed with Husband for starting smoking again after 5 months of giving up. It has not been the easiest of times as those of you who smoke will know!! I was so disappointed in him and I know thats not a nice thing to say. I so want him to stop which he did for 5 years after Harry was born . As he tells me I do not understand how hard it is. Maybe not but after seeing his mother die of cancer and his sister surviving a brain tumour again all odds I really can't understand. His father can walk no more than 5m before heaving for breathe with emphaseamia and they are or were all heavy smokers. Still today I realised being nasty and making horrible comments is not going to help, what will I havent worked out yet lol. I know hes not doing it to spite me or annoy me and I am sure he feels worse about it that I do. I know I must not dwell on the small stuff and concentrate on what is really important....those that love and need you.

This is not my normal sort of entry I know as I find it hard to open up but reading that journal has made me really think.

Anyway back to trivia, Holiday is looming and the weather is looking not so good so fingers crossed for a bit of sun towards the end of the week please. The dogs are soaked today and keep shaking water all over the kitchen. Jackson is in disgrace today for catching a Partridge..don't tell the local gamekeeper please! Rory has been in bed most of the day after going clubbing until 4am...oh to be young again. Harry is rediscovering Wii sports after loosing it for a couple of months in the place that used to be known as his bedroom floor!!!!

Have a good week all

Love Louise xx


oddb0dkins said...

I've read that journal too. Kim is amazing isn't she?
I stopped for more than twelve years and, even now, I still want a cigarette, occasionally. You're right, it's very hard to give it up so don't be too hard on hubby.
Have a good weekend.
B. x

jckfrstross said...

yes Kim is inspirational:) enjoy your week:)


kamdghwmw said...

I know that you will have a great holiday! Don't give up hope, it is hard to give up smoking. Take lots of pictures of your holiday we all want to see them.

jmoqueen said...

Shame about the weather but I hope you managed to enjoy the bank holiday.  Sorry to read about your hubby starting up smoking again :(  Such a shame!! It's definitely not easy though.