Friday, 11 May 2007


Hi All

Got my new specs today...not sure if I like them yet! Had to wait ages to get them fitted. Got absolutely drenched twice whilst in town and of course I had no brolly.Met Rory for lunch which was nice.

Party went really well, noone had to sit on the floor and I got £48 commission, so I got a bracelet, a scarf , a necklace and a bag!! Several people booked partys too so \I get a % of their sales too!! All the carrot cake went I'm afraid but I will make another one especially for anyone who reads my journal (exciting as it is!).

Last night I went bowling with work....a bonding exercise! Three of the doctors headed the teams....ours came last! My back was twingeing all night but I still managed a couple of strikes. The food was a bit naff but it always is in those places. It was a good laugh though.

Julian is working all weekend and I am working in the morning so we wont be up to much. Harry should be revising hard for his SATS next week.

Have a good weekend all

Love Louise


ally123130585918 said...

Louise I hope you get to like you new specs ~ We were out today with no Brolly and just missed the rain managed to get into a shop until it stopped ~ Glad you had a nice lunch with Rory ~ glad no one had to sit on the floor and sounds like it went well ~ £48 commission isn't bad going ~ hope your back is feeling better ~ well done on making a couple of strikes ~ Hope Harry gets on well with his SATS ~ Ally x

oddb0dkins said...

Girls in glasses - sexy! Hope you get to like 'em. ;O)
Good luck to Harry for his SATS. B. x

jmoqueen said...

Glad the party went well ~ bit disappointed you didn't save me any carrot cake but hey if your making one especially for me *cough cough* i mean us here at j-land then I shan't complain too much ;-)  Good luck to Harry for his SAT's


jckfrstross said...

carrot cake???? i missed carrot cake!!!!!! have a good weekend:) good luck to Harry on the SATS:)