Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Hello everyone.

Today I am busy cooking and cleaning (BOO), as tonight I am having a jewellry party and I think I may have over invited! I dont think I have enough chairs, Oh well I am sure some wont mind sitting on the floor! I have made a carrot cake and a chocolate brownie cake, I hope thats enough. I am going to banish the dogs to the garden so am praying it doesnt rain (may have to banish husband out there too). Harry is going to be my waiter!

Husband is really struggling with his giving up smoking, I know it sounds awful but a part of me wishes hed never given up in the first place, he has been quite difficult to live with at times. I am not sure if its the giving up or the tablets he took to help him. Oh well I will just keep quiet as I know from past experience nagging does not help!!

Nothing else to report, I do have a boring life even Jackson is quiet at the moment but I must not speak too soon. Have read several books last week, The Girls.....OK but drags on a bit. The Memory Keepers Daughter.....excellent really enjoyed this very thought provoking. Walking Ollie....Ok for a quick read about life with a rescue dog.

Oh well the hoover is calling!! Have a good week folks

Louise xx


oddb0dkins said...

Good luck with the jewellery party. The first week is the hardest when giving up smoking. B. x

ally123130585918 said...

Louise I hope your jewllery party goes well ~ I am sure no one will mind sitting on the floor ~ I love carrot cake and chocolate brownie cake think I will get on my bike and come over :o) ~ hope Hubby beats the smoking habit ~ I would agree nagging won't help ~ enjoy your Hoovering LOL ~ Ally x

kamdghwmw said...

I will take a piece of both they cakes, and any dragon fly jewerly that you have! LOL I do hope that your party goes well. Smoking is hard to give up. I know!

jmoqueen said...

Hey where was my invite ??  only joking of course xx  Hope you have a good time and that it's not raining where you are coz it is here!!