Friday, 25 May 2007


Hi All

Well I have finished work for 2 weeks and I cant wait.

Today a work friend and I went to visit a couple of patients who have had to move into sheltered accomodation. They were really pleased to see us which was nice then we went for lunch which was also nice!

Harry has been accepted to go on the skiing trip so I had better start economising! Will start looking on ebay for skiwear.

Took some pictures of the bees on the ceanotheus bush this morning but they didnt come out very well , will have to try again. There seem to be thousands of them buzzing away out there. Rory is off to see Pirates of the Carib part 3 tonight and we are jealous!

Think I may have to make this blog more exciting as I dont seem to have many readers.....what shall I do? Its hard for me to say anything too personal as I am not really like that and I cant say much about work due to confidentuality so it makes it a bit difficult so I will have to have a think.

Anyway got to cook H some tea and feed the dogs

Have a good weekend   LOuise

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rachealcarol said... have readers Louise :0) you're doing a great job. Rache