Friday, 27 April 2007


Hello everyone

Things are quiet down here in Suffolk, they certainly werent at the weekend though!! More of that in a minute.

Work has quitened down until the next bank holiday rush, still desperately not liking it at the moment, but what else can I do? Still going in with a smile and trying to ignore the difficult patients, backstabbing staff and grumpy doctors!! I struggle working with one of my collegues and I am not the only one. She has to be centre of attention at all times, swears like a trooper and is constantly flashing her plastic (or silicone in this case ) bits off!! Jodie Marsh has nothing on her.

Anyway I am moaning again and I promised myself I wouldd stop. Back to the weekends events. We had all settled down for a quiet night in front of a DVD when a loud thumping noise started. I should explain at this point that opposite our house is the village hall and during the 12 years we have lived here we have never really been affected by any event that has gone on. Husband went outside to have a look and said I think theres a party, ok fair enough, we carried on watching the DVD until the end by which point we couldnt hear the TV anyway! The thumping noise of the bass was making the doorknocker rattle and I kid you not if you sat on the toilet it was shaking!!

Enough was enough we thought, out I went to ask them to turn it down it was by now 11pm. Well I have never had such abuse (and working where I do I should know!!) I climbed over drunken bodies and peered into the smokefilled room, it was obviously a rave! Husband next went and faced the same. Some neighbours also tried but to no avail, so we tried our next option ....the police. Fat lot of good they are, firstly we were told that noise is not their problem we had to phone the council!! On a Saturday night...a neighbour did by the way and the emergency "noise dept" is in West Yorkshire!!! So we phoned the police again,still no joy, but what about the threats to our property and obvious drug taking?? Evrntually after numerous calls from us and other residents 2 policemen arrived. Only to have the door shut in their faces!! 2 more police arrived in a big van, this must be it we thought. The noise by this time was indescribable, my dogs were circling the kitchen in fear and Harry was crying beacause he was frightened and couldnt sleep. The police still couldnt gain access and wouldnt force the matter as in their words ...we dont want to get our heads kicked in!! Call the drugs squad someone shouted. "This is not The Bill mate" was the police response!!

I can honestly say I have never seen such a shambles, eventually at 2.30am they started leaving the Hall and one arrest was made for drink driving! Apparently it is the latest thing, 2 apparently nice youths book a hall for a "birthday party" and this happens. I am only glad I didnt have to clear it up the next morning. So beware everyone this could be coming to a hall near you!!

Stll it all made for a bit of excitement....Harry is now wondering why if you are told the Police will help you in times of trouble that in fact they don't!! They are too busy trying to catch people speeding  2 miles a hour over the limit as they do around here!!

Anyway that is all of my rants for today, I am off to get my eyes tested and do a bit of shopping. Heres hoping for a quieter weekend   Love Louise xx


ally123130585918 said...

That really is disgusting that the Police didn't help ~ what are we coming to when a rave party can be allowed to go on disturbing residents ~ Hope your colleges at work cheer up ~ but I expect they are under a lot of stress with being so busy ~ Ally

kamdghwmw said...

If it make you feel any better the same things happen here in the states. Oh well, sometimes it is fun to laugh at the drunks! LOL

jckfrstross said...

how sad the police won't help:( have a good weekend


jmoqueen said...

Jeez what a nasty weekend you had :(  Stupid Police they don't have any authority to do anything these days.