Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Jacksons arrival

Hi All

Quiet week here, Harry back at school and Julian is on nights. So I thought instead of boring you all rigid of my moaning about work and what I am cooking I would tell you how we aquired Jackson

Once upon a time there was a beautiful black Lab called Skar , he was doted on by his beloved owner, they spend many a happy hour strolling around the field and he loved to curl up on the sofa with him! Skar was perfect in every way except one......he did like lady dogs, his owners always meant to get him neutered but never quite got round to it!!

Skar one day went missing, his owner was very worried, but then a call came from some friends who lives about 1 mile away to say Skar was lurking in their garden and seemed very friendly with theie dog Cassie.  He was brought home and as soon as his Mum and Dads back was turned he had gone again. His Dad went to fetch him again!! This time he was sitting on the sofa looking very pleases with himself albut smoking an after the event cigarette!!

Luckily Cassies owners didnt mind her liason and a few weeks later out popped out 6 black squirming lab looking puppies!! Unfortunately there were 2 more that had got stuck and died. |Skars mum couldnt help keep visiting the puppies and one always came to meet her when she arrived so home he came with her!! Skar was not sure at first but Jackson as he was named soon won him around.

When the puppies were 1 they all met at the water meadows and had a reunion together with their Mum and Dad and a good time was had by all.

So that  is the story of how Jackson came to be with has been a long year!! I never realised how good Skar was, he NEVER stole food or went in the bin etc. But one day I live in hope Jackson will take after him!! Still we love him really. You will be pleased to note we have now got around to making sure that this will never happen again.

Anyway folks take care

love Louise xxx



kamdghwmw said...

That is a cool story. We have rescued all of our pets and love them so much!

jckfrstross said...

great story:)


ally123130585918 said...

Louise what a lovely story ~ I really enjoyed reading about how Jackson came to live with you ~ how lovely they all had a reunion on their 1st birthday ~ Ally

jmoqueen said...

Awww what a lovely story :-)