Friday, 16 March 2007



Feeling alot better today, back to old self really so I feel a bit of a fraud not being at work for another week. Its strange isnt it, you think you hate your job then an unexpected absence makes you realise its not all bad. Anyway I plan to go back next Wed morning all being well. Went to see consultant yesterday whoexplained what had happened and the catalogue of technical failures that happened as I hit the operating table. I am beginning to think I am one of those people with a force field around them that sends thing haywire! She apologised and said I should get a report! J says that they think I might complain or go to the papers! I certainly dont want details of my internal organs displayed to all and sundry!! The upshot of it all anyway is she thinks the procudure will not work anyway but we will have to wait a few months to find out.

I have had wonderful flowers and a great big basket of fruit and other yummy stuff from my workmates which is so nice of them. Also they got a box of my fav choc cherry liquers  yum yum which I shall eat all by myself tonight.

Have read 3 books this week and loads of trashy mags, will have to stock up with new literature this weekend as I have now run out of things to read.

Have a good weekend all

Love Louise xx


oddb0dkins said...

Glad you're feeling better. Enjoy the week off - no feeling guilty now.
B. x

jckfrstross said...

so glad all went well:) have a goodweekend


jmoqueen said...

I'm glad your ok ~ I do think you should seek out some compensation for the fact that it went wrong!!


elainey2465 said...

Glad you are ok - sorry Im taking so long to catch up with my alerts Laine xxxxx