Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Hi All

Hope you like the pics, will take a better one of my ring taking it off first!!! Spend days looking for a car only to be now told ours is NOT a write off. Good job as we couldnt find one we both liked! Why is everything such a palava though.

Can go back to work tomorrow so everything can go back to normal. Dr really sweet about it all and explained thing to me so I understood everything.

Been to asda today and brought Casino Royale for £7!! Bargain or what.

Doing chicken in maple syrup,lime and mustard for tea ...my own special recipe. Yum Yum.

Jackson is throwing his bowl at me so I had better get there tea.

See You All   Louise xxx


oddb0dkins said...

Hope work goes well. Tea sounds yummy. B. x

jmoqueen said...

Mmmmm.......your tea sounds nice :-)  I can't believe they've come back and said your car isn't a write off!!  Good luck back at work xx  Love the pics x



jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


sarajanesmiles said...

Pretty flowers :o)
Glad your car isn't a write off m'dear, especially as you couldn't find another that you liked!
Sara   x