Thursday, 29 November 2007

busy busy busy

Hi All

Hope my American friends had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

This week at work has been sooooo busy, lots of coughs etch being kindly shared with us! Today I had a man in who is hard of hearing (well I am assuming that!) and had a very odd conversation, along the lines of "when did you bring your repeat form in"

"its a nasal spray"

"no when did you bring your repeat in"

"its blood pressure pills too"

This went on for quite a while, all the people in the queue were struggling to contain themselves. This reminded me of some of my funnier moments at work which I though I would share.

I have to say first, odd people, mad people and the slightly simple people gravitate towards me and its a standing joke at work that it could only happen to me.

One day a lady came in and asked for a prescription for "maisie". "maisie who" I enquire. Blank looks all around " "I dont know but she goes on the bus!!!" It took half an hour of emlimination to find the correct Maisie! Now this lady (the collecion one ) is always called "Maisie on the bus">

Now it gets complication Maisie on the Bus goes in to see the Dr, who bless him they gravitate too!


Hello Dr , were you on holiday last week "

"Yes I went to Scotland"

"Ohhh did you see my sister whilst you were there!!"

We were choking all through coffee break that day!

I have another man who collects lots of peoples medicine but he too never knows their names, it is said if ever I leave I  will have to put up a deciphering chart for everyone so they know who ...Big Doris, Gladie,her round the flats , Maureen who you would want sitting on you!! and June who plays the organ are.

Anyway I thought I would share these with you ans they may make you smile.

Louise xx



kamdghwmw said...

Is that why you are drawn to me? Because I am odd and strange? I hope so because I love being me! LOL The other night I was trying to find out how big a paddington bear was. It was at Harrods. Oh I will have to share that story! LOL

oddb0dkins said...

There's nowt as queer as folk, as they say. Trust me, after thirty years of working with the public, I've come to believe that they are truly a strange bunch.

B. x

jmoqueen said...

LOL sounds like the place would fall apart without you.  Don't you just love characters like that :)


ukgal36 said...

ah..bless 'em!