Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Hair dye


Just thought I would pop in whilst I am waiting for the hair dye Rory has kindly applied for me to work! What a nice son I have lol

Been swimming with H and his friend today then went to Frankie and Bennys for something to eat, I had roasted veg risotto, very nice but not enough of it! Julian had Chicken and Ribs.

The wedding went well, it was a lovely sunny day and we all enjoyed ourselves. My brother reduced us to hysteria in the church with a comment he made but apart from that we behaved.

The weather today is a total contrast...wet and blustery. I think I may get some of those seasickness patches before next friday just in case!

Still doing lots of overtime which is a good job I suppose as Julian works for ICI which has just been taken over, so the future is a bit uncertain at the moment. Still its early days yet..he doesnt seem worried but thats men for you! It would only bother him if the local burned down or the golf course flooded!

Going to a funeral Thursday, one of my favourite patients at work who has sadly passed away. I will miss him alot, we always had a little chat and he only liked me to serve him. He was a real sweetie. You do get quite attached to people in my line of work .

Speaking of work , had a hideous pair in Monday, bellowing at me as if I was simple! The daughter had been to see a private doctor , got a prescription but wouldnt pay the price of it. It is one of my pet hates. They wanted me to interupt a Dr in surgery to get him to transfer it to nhs, i refused and told them they would have to come back in the morning which didnt go down very well. It wasnt for anything life threatening and as I see it if they were that desparate they would have paid up! My other pet hate is people moaning about paying for holiday injections and malaria pills, I bet they dont keep telling the travel agents, they are pensioners, on income supports etc so they should get them for nothing!

Anyway enough of my work moaning I am sure you all get fed up with it. Best go and see if my grey hairs have vanished!

Take care
Louise xx


ally123130585918 said...

Glad the wedding went well ~ I want to know what your brother said to reduce you to hysterics :o) lol at Julian being concerned about his local and the golf club (That's men for you)  sorry about one of your favourite patients passing away ~ hope all those grey hairs have disappeared :o) ~ Ally x

kamdghwmw said...

I do hope that the seas stay calm for you! I should dye my hair, but ...well I do not know why I don't! LOL

oddb0dkins said...

It's a real pain working with the public at times, lol.
I agree with Ally, you gotta tell us what your brother said.
B. x