Friday, 17 August 2007

things about me!

Hi All

Was reading Maries blog this morning about things she likes and thought I would do the same as you probably dont know alot about me (apart from I moan about work alot!)

So here goes....

Favorite Films

The Green Mile... I love this film its so thought provoking and sad with a touch of the supernatural.

The Shawshank redemption

A tale of triumph over injustice, with a wonderful voice over by Morgan Freeman

Pulp Fiction....apart from one scene where I have to close my eyes I watch this time and time again. John Travolta is brilliant.

Now much to my husbands amusement 2 films I also watch over and over which make me laugh everytime....Carry on Abroad and On the embarassing is that!

Favorite Books

The tales of The City series  by Armistead Maupin

Anthing by Bill Bryson especially the Lost Continent.

Books by Maureen Lee about war time Liverpool

I also love to re read my childhood favourites such as The Chalet School, Enid Blytons Malory Towers and The Magic faraway tree..I am still a child at heart.

Favorite TV.

These are one I try not to miss. Although I dont watch alot of TV nowadays I dont seem to have the time.

Rome...If you have read my journal before you know I love this LOL.

Life on Mars..wonderful series very original.

The Royle Family and Dinnerladies..My favourite comedys

Our |Friends in the North...I would recommend this to anyone, It was on just after Harry was born and I used to watch it whilst feeding him before bed.

New Tricks.

Favourite Men Lol.

Apart from my husband of course.

Tony Hadley...the love of my teenage years

Titus Pollo (Ray Stephenson)

Antonio Banderos

Linford sporting choice!

George Clooney..of course cant leave him out!

Right thats my lot, if you want to know anymore please ask and I may tell!

Have a good day  Louise xx


oddb0dkins said...

Pulp fiction is great. I preferred reading the green mile to watching the film though.
B. x

ukgal36 said...

Time to bring out the gimp..;-) I close my eyes for that part too..
I loved mallory towers growing up..i wanted to go to a boarding school just like that....
have a great weekend...

kamdghwmw said...

I have just started watching the bbc america and Rome will be coming to us soon. SHHHH dont tell me anything about it!

ally123130585918 said...

The Green Mile was one of my favourite films ~ glad you didn't leave George Clooney out :o) ~ Ally x