Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Hi All

Bathroom finished and looking good. I keep sitting in the bath admiring it. Will post a picture as I am sure you are dying to see my new toilet!!!! Have brought a curved shower rail and its great gives loads more room and stops the shower curtain sticking to you.

All quiet on the headache front....touch wood. Harry is taking his medicine and we will just have to wait and see. This afternoon we are going to a talk at school about dyslexia so hope to pick up some infomation and tips.

Worked Saturday morning then went to Jimmys Farm http://www.jimmysfarm.com/

in the afternoon with my work friend Jackie, Harry and her son. It was good fun but a bit expensive. Saw Jimmy and had our picture taken with him, he was very nice and friendly. Didnt buy any sausages , too big a queue. One of the Hairy Bikers was there giving a demo, but didnt get chance to meet him. Jackie is still swooning after having Jimmys arm around her.

Work is getting me down at the moment , not sure what to do about things. We are going to have a manager which will be interesting and some people are a law to them selves. Have thought ....briefly...about applying BUT as its full time and I struggle to get things done at the moment at home , with 2 lazy boys and one Husband who only seems to care about Golf and the pub at the moment I think it may well send me to the funny farm. Also there is alot of other reasons why I dont fancy the job. I suppose I should hang on in and see what happens.

Have I told you I am off to France in the half term, we have booked a Gite in the Dordorgne so heres hoping the weather is OK.

Hope all is well with you   Louise xx


ukgal36 said...

Gosh I could have writen this entry! My hubby is an avid Golfer..he does take care of the yard etc but other than that it all falls on me..i was offered the office manager position but felt the family would suffer if i took it but now i am suffering at work! The sacrifices we women make huh??
Gonna have to check out this jimmy fella...

louiseb411 said...

Sorry I should explain to my American Friends , Jimmys Farm comes on a BBC programme charting his ups and downs of starting his farm, he is the nearest thing we have to a celeb around here and he is a friend of Jamie Oliver. Louise

kamdghwmw said...

May I join you at the funny farm? And yes I do want to see your new toilet! Thank you for all of your support. My hubby is doing just like your hubby......

mariealicejoan said...

Ahhh Louise, I am finally able to return the kindness and visit your journal after you left your link this morning!  I have never tried any of Jimmy's sausages, but have been tempted to at times!  You will LOVE the Dordogne!  That is where we holidayed several years back and I fell in love with the area.  We had rented a little stone cottage right on the edge near a place called St Grand Le Foy.  I wish so much I could go back again.  It was gorgeous and so peaceful!