Saturday, 1 March 2008

Skiing and Stuff


Thanks for the comments about my lovely boys...I think they are very handsome but then I am biased!!

Today Harry is off to the dry ski slope for the 3rd time! I hate to say it but I dont think he is a natural skiier by hey hes enjoying himself!!

This trip is costing a fortune with all the extras involved, I think I have everything now except the goggles and the swiss francs. He  will be like a pack horse carrying everything. I hope its not as windy when he goes as it was here last night. When Julian returned from work this morning they are wheelie bins and trees all over the roads.

What else have I been up to......we are trying to find a holiday in the May half term, France is looking good again although Harry has set his heart on Italy or Florida! I think a lottery win is needed. The problem with France is the drive, Julians back has been playing up and he is due to have a nerve block injection in a couple of weeks, I would hate to book something and then I have to do the driving!!! My worst nightmare. I'm sure he will be fine hopefully the injection will do the trick.

Tonight I am going to a Duck Racing evening...yes I know I really know how to live!! What is entails I have no idea but it could be fun. Next Friday I am off with Harry to watch Brainiac live. Now I dont know if you are familar with Brainiac on TV but it normally involves blowing up caravans etc so how it will go on stage I dont know! Harry cant wait as its a belated birthday present.

I am not letting work get me down, I think our new leader has been told not to be patronising after someone(I wonder who!)had words with her friendly favourite Dr! I am letting everything go over my head, no point stressing over a job is there !!

Well I hope you are all ok

Louise xx

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stijoan said...

i'm so excited because i'm going to see brainiacs live next friday also!!! will be strange knowing someone is there from the journals...but not knowing who! where you sitting lol
hugs Joanne

ukgal36 said...

Enjoy your week..good for you not letting work get to you.i have had a change of heart ever since i let it all go..i just go in do my job and not get involved...

jmoqueen said...

Glad to hear that your not taking work too seriously ~ at the end of the day it's just a job.  It's home life and your children that matters :o)  I hope you have fun at Brainiac and that Julian's injection goes ok xx