Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy easter


Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter.

Its freezing cold and blowing a gale here! Harry and his Dad have gone fishing in Aldeburgh on the coast. It is so windy they can hardly stand but Harry is so excited that he has caught a Dab and he is going to eat it for his tea!

I am making some mini Hot cross buns, they are just rising in the airing cupboard at the moment..I hope they turn out OK as I have never made them before. Its so nice to take all your problems out on bread dough!!

My old dog is acting very odd. He wont eat his dried food but will eat anything else you care to give him and everytime I let him outside he keeps howling. I think there must be a dog on heat somewhere. He is perfectly lively out on a walk. Oh well we shall just have to keep an eye on him.

My eldest son has just had a bonus from his job and been out and spent all of it!! He was most put out on the amount of tax he had to pay..welcome to the real world!

Julian should get his bonus too shortly but that will mostly have to go on a new car as his is getting past its best, we shall go out looking tomorrow after I fininsh work. I only hope its not too busy, the number of peple who were aggreived we were shut on Friday and Monday  , I did point out to one man that even we get time off for good behaviour! I drew the short straw for the emergency Saturday surgery, never mind after that I dont have to go back until Wednesday.

Anyway Happy Easter and stay away from the chocolate

Louise xx



kamdghwmw said...

Happy Easter to you! It has been very warm here, so laying in the sun is on my must do list. I have never heard of cross bun's. I wonder if they are like our sticky bun's. I will have to ask my friend from the UK. Don't you just love it when the children get welcomed to the real world? LOL

jckfrstross said...

Happy Easter:)


elainey2465 said...

Hope you had a good Easter too Louise! That weekend went quick didnt it! Laine xxx